Summer is here! Looking to earn from your home?

May 19, 2021 | Virtual Agents | Blog


Summer opportunity with liveops work-at-home

Opportunities to earn an income from your home this summer 

Summer side hustle or steady earning potential? Whichever describes your situation this summer, you may be a fit for more opportunities than you know. 


Summer consists of sunshine, a break from school, and for many people, a chance to earn extra income. The elusive side hustle is not as hidden as you think and may be as close as your home computer. There are opportunities to work at home and leverage a flexible schedule with virtual customer care opportunities. 

For opportunity-seekers who prefer no commute, adjustable schedules, and the ability to help others, customer care may be the right fit. No experience in the customer service industry? No problem! Many careers have translatable skills that make ideal candidates for customer care. 

Common skill sets for virtual customer service representatives include: 

  • Passionate about helping others
  • Empathetic
  • Organized
  • Excellent communicators
  • Solution-oriented 
  • Entrepreneurial 


What makes Liveops virtual customer care the perfect summer opportunity? 

1. Connection – with customers and your peers

Virtual work doesn’t need to be lonely. In fact, as a customer service representative, you spend all day connecting with other people. Customers call with a variety of goals in mind – from placing an order to asking general questions. In the time of pandemic-induced isolation, many customers are also seeking to connect with a human on the other end of the line. 

Another important feature of virtual care is the community of peers that support you along the way. At Liveops, agents are able to communicate with other agents on an exclusive social network. They can exchange business-building tips, find study buddies for new programs, or just reach out and talk about a new hobby they started. Working at home does not mean you are working alone. 

2. Flexibility

Looking to earn income this summer but you’re planning a family vacation for two weeks? Not only will you have extra cash to support your trip, you plan your work around your life. As an independent Liveops agent, you make your schedule – you decide how many hours to work each day and for how long. Your earning potential is in your own hands. 

Kids at home this summer? Schedule your commits around nap time, scheduled activities, and bedtime routines. 

3. Extra time in your day

Summer days bring more hours of sunshine –  don’t spend those hours in your car! When you work from home, your commute is nonexistent. Getting ready for the day takes less time. You don’t need to pack your lunch before heading out of the house. The minutes quickly add up, and before you know it, you’ll have time to read an extra chapter of your favorite novel or play one more round of tea party with your kids. 

Liveops Agent Lacretia said it best, “Everybody knows how much money they have in the bank, but nobody knows how much time they have.” 

Possibilities to explore

Liveops, in fact, has opportunities for people with the professionalism and skills of other careers, including educators, medical professionals, and insurance sales. And, thanks to technology and workforce trends, it’s easier than ever to find a customer service role aligned with your interests and expertise.

Liveops is looking to grow its nationwide force of independent contractors. The company works with some of America’s best-known and respected brands in industries such as fashion retail, healthcare, consumer services, and property and casualty insurance. Agents not only choose the type of client they support but they also set their own hours. Want to learn more? Find all the details on the website.  

If you’re looking for a summer opportunity with the right fit, know that you likely already have the abilities that would make you highly successful in customer service. Whether you provide services for incremental income or are looking for a career change, virtual customer care is a possibility! 


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