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A leader in sustainability

Liveops’ purpose extends beyond our virtual walls to make a positive impact on the environment around us. Liveops shares our clients’ commitment to sustainability by leveraging a virtual workforce that boasts a lower carbon footprint. As a leader in virtual contact center solutions, we strive to be transformative in our corporate sustainability journey.

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Virtual work wins

A virtual workforce inherently has lower carbon emissions. Working at home eliminates the commute to and from work. Plus, at-home work cuts down on the CO2 emissions that come from headcount within brick-and-mortar centers.

Our virtual workforce saves roughly:

96,000 tons of CO2 per year.

250 million miles of commuting traffic.

58% less emissions than office space.

Corporate sustainability is a journey, and we understand our work here is never finished. It is our responsibility as a leader in the industry to be mindful and continually optimize our impact.
Greg Hanover, Liveops CEO

Our HQ

Liveops Headquarters is located at Skysong in Scottsdale, Arizona, where a portion of Liveops employees work in a hybrid environment.

Skysong is a leader in sustainable building:

LEED Certified.

Energy Star Certification from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Award of Merit from Valley Forward for its green building standards.

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