Be there for your customers with an empathetic team of virtual insurance contact center agents.

When your customers reach out, they are looking for a helping hand. With Liveops, you can have a whole team of them, with licensed and unlicensed virtual contact center agents ready to listen, reassure and assist.

Our flexible utilization model means we can scale your customer service capacity as needed. From servicing everyday claims, to planning for open enrollment periods, to scaling quickly during a CAT disaster, Liveops is ready to step in and help you save the day.

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Build loyalty and trust.

Leverage a massive network of qualified insurance support agents who have a proven ability to articulate your products’ value and provide post-sale service at increased levels of CSAT & NPS ratings.

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Show customers you care.

Liveops’ flexible agent model is thoughtfully designed to attract those who have the soft skills and life experience needed for empathetic customer advocacy.

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Be responsive in any event.

CAT events and natural disasters not only increase call volume but also wipe out contact centers in their path. With Liveops virtual customer service and FNOL claims support agents, you can quickly shift to agents in other areas.

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Become a go-to resource.

Insurance can be complicated and overwhelming. Leverage our network of licensed insurance support agents who can help new and current members understand eligibility, benefits and products/services, in addition to new policy enrollment.

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Meet your customers where they are.

Adapt to your customers’ needs, no matter where – or how – they connect. Leverage our omnichannel support options across phone, chat, email, social and more.

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Scale up or down to meet demand.

From providing steady support year-round to scaling up during enrollment periods or other planned and unplanned events, the built-in elasticity of our flexible model delivers consistently high-quality services from experienced agents.

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Dispatch empathy along with assistance.

Your customers turn to you in some of their most desperate moments. In addition to representing your brand and understanding the ins and outs of your dispatch system, our agents use their people skills to calm distressed customers and leave them feeling good about their brand experience.

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Pay only for what you need.

The Liveops Virtual Flex model allows you to control your costs by scaling up or down based on volume, unplanned activity and demand forecast changes.

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Meet your service goals.

From payment support to information collection, Liveops has on-demand roadside assistance customer service agents who can help you achieve CSAT goals at scale.

We have had the pleasure of working with Liveops for the past two years, where they handled all of our manpower requirements. Liveops brought a new level of professionalism to our needs. Without a doubt, they are the most organized company we have ever worked with.
Director of Customer Care, healthcare organization
We've been partnering with Liveops since 2010 for all our inbound needs. Their consistency, professionalism and customer service are unparalleled in the industry.
Account Manager, media company
Liveops has been able to consistently attain 90% plus on both Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution in this first year of our partnership.
GM Regional Customer Care Operations, major utility

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Virtual customer service solutions that stand out

We’ve got the experience, the knowledge, the agents and the solutions to give your enterprise business a competitive advantage where it matters—customer loyalty.

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Why Virtual Flex matters

Virtual Flex is more than just a contact center model. It’s our approach to providing the most exceptional customer service agents a business can find. By attracting only the most motivated, passionate agents, we can give you flexible, scalable, quality customer service solutions that fit your needs, budgets and goals.

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All channels, all situations

Liveops builds virtual contact center solutions for enterprises who need to solve two of the biggest challenges in customer service: omnichannel communication and disaster recovery. Learn more about our solutions and how we can preserve brand loyalty during the expected and the unexpected.

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Virtual Contact Center Capabilities

Virtual Agents →

Liveops attracts highly qualified, educated and articulate agents to credibly represent your brand to the world.

Distance Learning →

Our tailored blended approach delivers fully certified agents dedicated to keeping your customers happy and loyal to your brand.

Security & Technology →

Our industry-leading Secure Workforce Ops™ solution provides a comprehensive approach to security unmatched in the industry.

Quality Assurance →

Our QA team will score agent interactions to ensure your customers are receiving an amazing experience every time.

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