[Poll] What’s most important in an outsourcing relationship?

July 22, 2022 | Contact Center Industry | Flexible Workforce | Blog


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The outsourcing landscape is more diverse than ever. Over the last few years, through an ongoing pandemic, record inflation, labor shortages and an ever-changing mindset within the workforce, companies are looking for unique strategies to maintain and grow their businesses. Outsourcing tasks can keep costs variable among a number of other benefits, including access to broad geographic coverage across time zones and inheriting a robust tech stack with the outsourcing vendor.

We asked our LinkedIn community what is most important to them in an outsourcing relationship. In a time when the voice of customer and customer experience is more important than ever, it is unsurprising that “better talent” received more than half the votes. 

what is important in outsourcing? Talent Consumer behaviors and expectations are changing, and companies must deliver great experiences to retain customer loyalty. However, many companies in the U.S. are seeing a decline in customer experience scores. The first step in tackling declining experiences is to focus on who is delivering the experiences. A better experience begins with better talent. 

Talent shortages are still impacting businesses across the U.S. In today’s workforce, people are re-evaluating how work fits into their lives. Flexibility is an unwavering demand among workers today, and enterprises are trying to catch up. Many companies are unable to meet the flexibility demands, or fall into a wage war. The workforce seems to have the upper hand, leaving some companies without adequate talent.

The right outsourcing partner can provide access to a network of professionals who deliver excellent customer interactions. Outsourcers who prioritize agent experience and true flexibility attract more professional and experienced talent, resulting in better experiences for end-customers. These people have experience across a variety of industries and have an empathetic desire to help customers. 

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