Transform your financial services customer care with secure virtual contact center solutions.

Providing exceptional customer care in the Financial Services and FinTech industries is paramount. The platform empowers a network of highly skilled professionals who deliver better CX while keeping overhead costs efficient. We understand the importance of maintaining compliance with industry regulations, and we take data security seriously. All certified agents adhere to robust security measures to ensure all interactions are handled compliantly. Liveops has more than two decades of experience mastering the art and science of managing secure virtual environments, and we stay at the cutting edge of industry regulations.

  • Regular audits using 3rd party tools aligned to CIS standards
  • ISO 27002 and PCI-DSS Level-1 Service Provider compliant
  • Provide a HIPAA HITECH compliant solution, audited by a 3rd party

Leveraging the platform is the ideal augmentation strategy for Financial Services and FinTech companies to meet fluctuating call demand for planned and unplanned events. Maintain business continuity alongside Liveops as a Trusted Advisor, with an agile network of agents available when you need them.

The Liveops platform has solutions for financial services:

Consumer & Business Banking

Mortgage Servicing

Billing & Collections

Account Maintenance

Lead Generation & Qualification

Post-Automation Support


Delivering Optimal Results for Events During Steady and Ramp Times.

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Liveops is a Trusted Advisor, partnering with Financial Services and FinTech enterprises to deliver better CX outcomes.

Efficient and Empathetic Agents

Gone are the days of cold transactional customer service interactions. The changing intricacies of customer needs and expectations require an empathetic agent on the other end of the line, especially with post-automation connections. Liveops agents have life and professional experience to connect with your customers with empathy and industry expertise.

Prepare for Unexpected Events with a Trusted Advisor

When unexpected events occur, maintaining access for your customers is crucial. Whether unexpected market trends drive an influx of calls, or a weather disaster disrupts your in-house contact center, the platform allows you access to an agile network of virtual agents available across time zones.

Flex to eliminate long wait times

When call volume comes in higher than expected, customers are susceptible to long wait times to resolve their issues. Protect the customer experience (and your bottom line) with a virtual solution that can flex to meet demand within hours.

Consistent, compliant experiences

Liveops’ award-winning distance learning programs ensure agents are compliant to your standards while learning the ins and outs of your brand. This blended learning style is 25% more efficient than traditional classroom models, with a faster speed to proficiency delivering high quality experiences.

Cost-effective multichannel

Whichever channel your customers choose to connect, a certified Liveops agent is available. The Liveops platform ensures multichannel coverage while lowering your total cost of ownership.

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Virtual customer service solutions that stand out.

We’ve got the experience, the knowledge, the agents and the solutions to give your enterprise business a competitive advantage where it matters—customer loyalty.

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Why Liveops matters.

It’s more than just a contact center model. We’re in the business of improving people’s lives, so it’s our approach to providing the most exceptional customer service agents a business can find. By attracting only the most motivated, passionate agents, we can give you flexible, scalable, quality customer service solutions that fit your needs, budgets and goals.

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