Yes, You Can Have Both Scale and Quality In Today’s Customer Service Environment

February 17, 2023 | Corporate | Flexible Workforce | Blog


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VirtualFlex delivers high quality customer experiences that strengthen your brand

What story does your customer experience tell? 

For years, we’ve found inspiration in great customer experiences (CX) and in unexplored possibilities. With curiosity driving us, we’ve tested best practices and explored opportunities in a quest to develop a better model that solves enterprise problems.  

In the past, enterprises leaned on traditional brick-and-mortar models for contact center solutions. Whether an internal contact center or outsourced, this model rarely achieved both scalability and quality.   

Traditional brick and mortar models are not designed to scale, unless you expect to pay idle agents during times of low call volume. When unexpected surges in call volume do occur, there are simply not enough agents in the building to handle demand, and as a result customer wait times and satisfaction suffer.  

While the traditional contact center model does some things well, it is insufficient for the modern challenges facing many enterprises today. It cannot provide flexibility to a surge in a brand’s demand, it cannot attract and retain talent in today’s environment, and another dynamic has placed even more pressure on the industry: a massive shift toward e-commerce. 

The e-commerce shift for many consumers changes the priority from brick-and-mortar, in-person customer interactions to an entirely remote customer interaction. As more and more companies scramble to adjust, long wait times and frazzled agents leave customers with a bad taste in their mouths, which reflects directly and poorly on the brand. 

Outsourced solutions have been available for years, but the challenges of the traditional models remained. How could enterprises guarantee their brand would be protected if outsourced agents weren’t familiar with the brand’s promise or how to live it?  

Liveops revolutionized the contact center model so enterprises can enjoy both scalability and exceptional customer experiences, all while enhancing their brand equity.  


People Want Meaningful Connections with Brands 

In an age where people are overwhelmed with information, and hungrier than ever for authenticity, more and more companies are investing in customer experiences 

Rather than feeling forgotten or unappreciated, people crave meaningful interactions. Companies that provide this interaction with their customers seize the chance to make a favorable impression. Creating those impressions again and again is a clear winning strategy for any company’s long-term success. 

That’s where Liveops comes in. 

We exist for one purpose: improving people’s lives. One of the ways we do this is by helping companies in retail, healthcare, travel and hospitality communicate their stories through consistent and meaningful customer service connections.  

We provide these interactions through our VirtualFlex platform, which powers a nationwide network of remote, talented and driven customer care agents that deliver better experiences at scale.  


Brands Benefit from Happy Agents

Liveops independent agents—entrepreneurs in the truest sense—build themselves into valued customer service assets while also enjoying their freedom.

Whatever work-life balance looks like for them, we’ve seen that empowering people with flexibility motivates them to perform better.

Customers Benefit from Brand-Savvy Agents

When agents love their work and love the brands they represent, customers enjoy a better experience, turning those customers into advocates. Best of all, a company’s story, purpose, and vision come through clearly in interactions with agents who love the brands they are representing.


VirtualFlex: The Revolutionary Solution  

So how do enterprises effectively outsource customer service without eroding brand equity?  How can they create meaningful connections and deliver a better CX?  

The answer is with our VirtualFlex platform.  

This solution offers a virtual model: a secure digital platform that matches professional independent contractor agents with the companies that need them. 

It also offers flexibility and quality. It exceeds standard best practices, and it looks beyond the limitations of sourcing agents from tight geographies. It solves traditional contact center problems with an efficient and effective model, and it starts with the right talent.  


Aligning Independent Agents and Brands 

Our success comes from attracting and retaining high quality agents through our trailblazing virtual customer service model. And the platform is fairly unique. 

By empowering a distributed workforce of independent contractor agents with the freedom and flexibility of a remote working environment, and letting them control their own availability, we’ve cultivated a robust community of agents through the years. Qualified agents select their program, choosing companies that they find interesting or that inspire their passions. This means they are more motivated to serve a brand’s customers because it is a match for both their personal interests and lifestyle.  

The autonomy Liveops offers attracts and retains top agents. Because every agent is an independent contractor, they have the flexibility to work the schedule that fits best into their personal calendar. We call this “right time,” compared to part-time or full-time scheduling in a traditional model.  

The nature of the platform, and the quality of the community, creates the best possible level of service for customers. 

Everyone wins. 


Tech-Enabled Capabilities for Better CX 

The VirtualFlex platform connects professional agents with enterprise companies, building a nationwide network of scalable talent that is readily available to meet surges in customer demand. VirtualFlex partners with contractors across the United States—even in rural areas—who thrive on the autonomy of building their own business while supporting customer care needs for the program they choose.    

This distributed network is certified and ready to flex to meet surges in call demand. Whether it is a planned marketing program or an unexpected weather event driving spikes in call volume, the VirtualFlex platform efficiently connects a company’s customers with qualified agents across the United States. Customers receive shorter wait times and faster resolutions, and the company’s brand strengthens.  

VirtualFlex also comes with brand-specific certifications for agents which empower them to handle each interaction accurately and efficiently. With brand-certified agents handling their customer interactions, companies can confidently outsource to Liveops agents knowing they will build their brand. 

As part of the VirtualFlex platform, our “Liveops Nation” is an online community that brings agents together for meaningful connection, creating a digital meeting place for connecting agents with other agents. In Liveops Nation, agents around the country make friends, build their network, mentor one another in best practices, and celebrate each other when someone reaches a goal. It’s important to welcome and support newcomers, invite veterans to mentor and share their experiences, and celebrate as agents achieve their goals and become reliable, desired, brand-certified agents for the companies they represent.  


Outsourced CX that Builds Brands 

VirtualFlex aligns everyone’s interests, creating a path of least resistance between the best agents in the country and brands they love. 

When a customer encounters a brand, they experience its values in action. The attitude, the knowledge—even how the agent goes about helping the customer—either builds or dilutes the brand. Liveops is happy to offer a platform and processes that make it easy to onboard both clients and agents. 

The Liveops VirtualFlex solution provides consistent, repeatable, and remarkable customer experiences; and for brands this all but eliminates worries about call surges and the problem of sacrificing scale or quality. 

Your brand provides the leadership, agents bring the talent and passion, and the VirtualFlex platform connects it all with reliable results, making sure your brand’s promise is delivered in every interaction. 


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Tara Holloway

As the Senior VP of Marketing at Liveops, Tara is an innovator, thought leader and creative thinker, passionate about growing businesses across industries.

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