Meet the Liveops Executive Leadership Team – Curt Cornum, VP Solutions Services + Security

November 6, 2023 | Corporate | Blog


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Curt Cornum

Welcome to the first installment of our Executive Leadership Team series! We’re excited to introduce you to Curt Cornum, the VP of Solution Services + Security!  

Curt Cornum | VP, Solutions Services + Security 
est. Liveops: April 2022 

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In a virtual environment, innovative security and technology integrations are table stakes. Meet Curt Cornum, the Liveops leader responsible for the solutions that make the VirtualFlex platform operate efficiently, delivering better outcomes for enterprise clients, efficient processes for employees, and streamlined experiences for agents. Curt is more than a thought leader in the space, he is passionate about community involvement and leading others through personal and professional growth.  


Do you have a quote or mantra that you live by? 

I’m on a mission to help people put technology to work 

What does your role as the VP of Security and Solutions entail?  

As part of the executive leadership team, I’m focused on identifying strategic initiatives that will help our clients solve their most pressing CX challenges. As the leader of the Solutions Services and Security functions, I provide leadership and mentoring to my team to deliver better experiences for our agents, clients and employees. Our team includes four core areas: professional services, information technology, enterprise applications and cybersecurity.  

In short, my team and I work behind the curtain to ensure agents provide services in secure environments, clients’ technology integrates into ours efficiently, and employee tech is current and secure. Every platform and technical element across the organization makes a journey through the Solution Services department.  

What do you find most rewarding in this industry? What challenges do you enjoy tackling? 

I love putting technology to work, so I find it very rewarding to be able to understand our clients’ challenges well enough to deliver a new technology solution that will have a meaningful impact on their business. 

What’s one trend to watch in this industry?   

One important trend in the contact center industry is for enterprises to figure out how to provide self-service support at the right times, how it impacts the agent experience, and how to leverage AI tools appropriately.   

Many consumers prefer to first try a self-service approach to solving their support issues. At the same time, companies are trying to reduce their support costs, so it’s inevitable that the adoption of chatbots and intelligent virtual agents will increase to meet the demands of the consumers more cost efficiently. The thing to watch is how newer AI technologies are going to accelerate this adoption. 

What attracted you to a career with Liveops?  

I believe aligning with an organization’s mission is crucial. I love the Liveops purpose to simultaneously improve the lives of our agents while also providing a valuable service to our clients. I was also attracted to the Liveops guiding principles and service-oriented culture. The curiosity and commitment within Liveops allows me to really innovate our solutions, providing a better product for all our stakeholders.   

I was drawn to this role through my passion and experience in technology, excited to explore and enhance this unique model through technology innovations.  

How does Liveops stay proactive in safeguarding data and systems?  

We have a four-pronged approach. The first is staying abreast of the most relevant threats. The second is ensuring that we have the appropriate defenses in place. The third is constant monitoring of the environment to make sure there is no suspicious activity, and the fourth is driving security awareness across our employees and agents so they can provide the first line of defense. Clients and agents may not see this going on in the background (which is the idea!), but it helps the Liveops VirtualFlex platform run efficiently and securely. 

What’s one piece of advice that you have for others working in this field?  

Be committed to learning about all the latest technology and then be prepared for the fact that not all clients are going to be ready to embrace all the latest technology.  

Tell us about your community involvement and passions. What inspired you to be so involved?  

I’ve been involved with the Southwest Human Development Group for several years. It was a natural fit because I could use my understanding of technology to help them further their mission of helping young children with disabilities. This year, I used my video editing skills to create a short video to support the Makers of Change Challenge. It allowed me to blend my passion for community involvement with my hobby of video content creation.   

Prior to my involvement with SWHD Group, I partnered with the Arizona Technology Council, and have also been part of the Mountain Bike patrol for the city of Scottsdale, AZ.  

My wife and I also run a side passion project called StickmenUnited. Our mission is to brighten someone’s day by gifting stickman key fobs. It has taught us a lot about how something so small can have a positive impact on a person’s day and change their whole attitude.  

What books are you reading or podcasts you’re listening to right now?  

I’m currently listening to WHO: The A Method for Hiring. Some books I’d recommend are How to Hire A Players by Erin Herrenkohl and Mojo by Marhsall Goldsmith.  

Outside of work, what are some of your personal hobbies or interests?  

My main personal interest, mountain biking, is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. It checks several boxes for me – getting out in nature, staying fit, and the occasional adrenaline rush. 

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