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March 29, 2018 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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Liveops agents share what helps them reach their goals

As independent business owners, Liveops agents are in charge of their own careers and earning potential. But working independently can also have its own challenges, because no one tells them when and how much they have to work. So how do agents stay motivated?

Because they make their own schedules and choose which call types they want to take, personal motivation is crucial for Liveops agents to stay on top of their financial and business goals. I asked agents to share what helps them stay motivated, and as always they had thoughtful and interesting ideas to share.

Many are motivated by their children, and they keep family photos in the office so they can glance over at their kids’ faces anytime they need a pick-me-up. Erica, an agent in Georgia, says this helps her remember to smile because she knows her children are watching.

Another common answer was money, and how agents plan to spend it. An agent named Linda says she keeps a copy of her bills where she can see them to remind her why she’s earning. Agents also said they are motivated to pay off debt or remain debt-free, and others are saving up for their next vacation. In fact, some agents start their roles at Liveops with a specific goal in mind, such as Nicole, who wanted to earn money to visit her son in Japan.

Of course, several agents said they drink coffee (or tea) throughout the day to stay energized. Agents shared other clever ways to stay motivated. Here are some fun examples:

  • Mark from Virginia enjoys helping people, and Stacie, an agent for a pharmaceutical client, knows that every day she logs on she is making a difference in her patients’ lives.
  • Heather suggests making a schedule ahead of time and sticking to it.
  • Valerie, who has been an agent for two years, likes to spend time in nature to recharge. Alison takes time for herself when she can.
  • Sharon tries to find something positive in everything.
  • Six-year agent Patty gets motivation from chatting with other agents.
  • A sales agent named Dave is motivated by watching his performance statistics.
  • Precious reads inspirational quotes.
  • Evelyn made this wise statement: “Nothing lights a fire under my behind like failure and learning from my own mistakes.”
  • Natalie, an agent in Delaware, reminds us that “a goal not written is only a wish.”
  • Finally, Linda is motivated by her desire to never work at a brick-and-mortar contact center again.

Another popular response came from agents who are motivated by the flexibility Liveops provides. They are grateful for the opportunity to work from home on their own schedule, and that gratitude helps them stay motivated to keep earning.


It’s always a pleasure to hear Liveops agents’ advice to their fellow small business owners. Like Patty, I feel refreshed and motivated after talking with agents about their experiences working from home. It helps me remember why the work we do at Liveops is so important, because we help this insightful group of people work around their lives.

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Rachel Goldschmid

Rachel Goldschmid works in agent engagement at Liveops. She is passionate about fostering community within the Liveops Nation both online and in person.

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