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January 3, 2019 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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Most people start off a new year with high hopes for change. Many make sweeping resolutions to drastically alter the course of their lives quickly and completely. Although well-intended, most New Year resolutions dissolve within the first month of the year. They are simply too broad.

Instead, focus on one or two areas of your life to change using small steps. For example, if building a better business as a flex worker is one of your goals, then consider these simple, effective steps to help create a new, more successful business starting January 1.

Become a better independent business owner with these 7 New Year’s resolutions

1. Set a clear and measurable goal.

You may have a financial goal for your gig work. In this case, you can determine how many hours you need to work per week to reach your objective. If your goal revolves around quality, you can select one or two measurable ways to improve your work product.

For example, if you are a website designer and you failed to make a change from your client’s list of updates, your goal could be to complete all client changes on the first request. Or, if you are a writer and you find typos in your work, your goal could be to have zero typos in your final drafts.

2. Focus.

For many years, we equated multi-tasking with productivity. Not anymore. Today, many cognitive scientists tell us that the most productive people focus intensely on one task at a time. By being present, you are less likely to make mistakes and be more creative.

Here 10 ways the best work-from-home professionals stay motivated.

3. Analyze your successes.

For example, when you win a gig, review exactly what you did right and repeat those steps. If your customer gives you a great review, ask yourself what they valued and how you can replicate that same quality and proficiency.

4. Organize your workspace.

Keep it clear from clutter and distractions. It is amazing how much more you can do and how much better you feel when you work in a clear environment. Word to the wise: It’s much easier to keep a home office clean if you take 15 minutes each day to tidy up your workspace.

5. Smile while you do your work.

Believe it or not, smiling not only reduces stress but helps you find more creative solutions for your work. If you’re in a service, support or sales role smiling can help you exude a positive attitude that customers will notice and appreciate.

6. Set aside taxes every time you get paid.

Never get caught at the end of the quarter or year without enough money to pay Uncle Sam. Set aside money in a special tax account that you never touch except to pay taxes. There are a number of ways to plan for the amount you will owe, from online calculators like that of the IRS and many others, to working with an accountant.

7. Go the extra mile.

Do what you can to support your customers and when you can, provide a little extra – deliver the work early, offer a helpful suggestion or resource, or send them a thank you email. They will remember you and become repeat customers.

By implementing these simple recommendations will be well on your way to creating a better business in the new year. You can learn more about working in the gig economy at the Gig Workers Summit, January 24-26. More than 20 leading experts will teach online participants how to earn more income and build a thriving business. Register online, or call (800) 717-8280 for further information.

Once you get one area of your life progressing, it will serve as momentum to focus on other areas.

Happy Hustle!

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