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October 18, 2023 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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Tami Liveops Agent

Prolonged success as a Liveops independent agent often hinges on a lasting commitment to ongoing learning, education, and skill development. Tami’s journey contracting with Liveops is a testament to this fact. One customer service skill she’ll admit she didn’t need to develop, though? Her natural gift for the gab. 

“I’m a people person. I love talking. And I love Liveops,” Tami told us when asked to describe herself. 

A mother of five, and a grandmother of 12 (13 come January), Tami decided to make a change toward the end of 2019 to prioritize staying at home and spending more time with her family. After encountering several illegitimate work-from-home opportunities online, she eventually found Liveops.  

After doing her due diligence, she applied to be an independent agent and the rest is history.   

Fast forward to four years later, and Tami has settled into what it means to be a salesperson and customer experience representative brilliantly. She has nothing but praise for her lines (a home and body retailer and tax support organization), but if she had to narrow down her four favorite aspects of working with Liveops, in no particular order: 


  1. The ability to provide services from her own home during the height of the COVID pandemic.
  2. Right-time scheduling provides flexibility she needs. “I get to make my own hours. That’s great for balancing my work and home life.”
  3. The Liveops virtual community spans across the US. Tami has had the unique opportunity to meet new people and forge friendships in new ways. 
  4. Most importantly, Tami has access to Liveops Nation where she keeps in touch with her community and certification courses that help her deliver great experiences to customers. “I so appreciate the learning courses and [access to several] resources. All the personal growth I’ve achieved through Liveops is so invaluable.”


You’ll find Tami to be a regular on both Liveops Nation and her program communication tools. Not only do these platforms allow her a space to build community and connect with her fellow independent agents, but they also help empower her to improve as a salesperson. 

“Liveops Nation is wonderful. When I first started with one of my lines, I got so many detailed and specific answers to my questions. Getting the perspective from other agents really does help.”  

Liveops Nation provides an excellent avenue to learn more about each client. Additionally, Tami has been a loyal customer of one of her lines for years before partnering with Liveops. She even always keeps their product on her desk.  

“Product knowledge is key to everything. I always say, get yourself familiar with the line before you start [providing services for] them.” Tami believes knowing the product inside and out allows her to create better connections and recommendations to customers, especially if she can add a personal story. When she interacts with a customer who is interested in buying a product, she is prepared to make recommendations based on their interest. 

Tami’s experience as a customer herself —as well as her experience working as a retailer, server, and restaurant manager—has taught her one thing: positive thoughts equal positive results. She even has a sign hanging over her desk to remind her of that mantra every day.  

“You have to really listen. You have to really hear everything [customers are] saying. And you’ve got to learn how to turn negative experiences into positive ones. Even if you have a super negative customer interaction, you’ve got to remember that they’re not mad at you, they’re mad at the situation. I like to think that 9 times out of 10, a positive attitude will help resolve even the most challenging situation.”  

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