Liveops Agent Spotlight: Marjorie, 2022 Agent of the Year

January 13, 2023 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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“Now, that was a shocker.” Marjorie didn’t anticipate being named Liveops’ 2022 agent of the year. But speak with her for more than 5 minutes, and the decision by the Liveops community to bestow this honor on Marjorie becomes crystal clear.

Since she moved to the United States from Jamaica in February of 2019, Marjorie felt no great desire to find a traditional 9-to-5 job. In the past, Marjorie has worked as a manager for factories, farms, and a major pharmacy. All of which required a high level of organization and collaboration.

But Marjorie cites her passion for music and experience as the leader of several local choirs as the real reason why she was drawn to Liveops. “When you’re working with a church choir, you’re there every Sunday, as well as during the week. You have a lot of practice sessions. So, I’m accustomed to being someone who has to be dependable. I’m never late. I hate being on edge. Musicians have to ensure that everything is set up before playing.”

In addition to the ability to set and control her own schedule, Marjorie appreciates the flexibility Liveops offers in the choice of projects and assignments. Perfect for someone like Marjorie, who wants to represent brands and connect with consumers, but isn’t a huge fan of the sales process. Currently, she spends her time with direct response programs, but still carries a lot of fondness for her time with a government assistance program that she no longer provides services for.

“I like to help people. And with these programs, you find that you had a really good chance to help people in need because of COVID or disaster lines in response to tornadoes, fires, floods, and hurricanes… You have to remain calm and be there for the callers. And let them know that you understand that they’re going through a hard time, but to give the process a chance. That’s what we’re there for. You have to be empathetic and imagine yourself in their situation.”

“I’m a very positive person. I believe that no matter what, there’s a solution to every problem. And I’m willing to try out as many solutions as it takes to find the right one.”

Marjorie’s empathy and desire to help people come through in her approach as an independent contractor agent with Liveops. She takes pride in the fact that she doesn’t get angry and chooses to stay calm no matter the difficulty of the program or caller. Marjorie’s seemingly-endless patience and compassion not only serve as an inspiration for her fellow agents but also reveal why she is so deserving to be named Liveops’ 2022 Agent of the Year.

The Liveops Agent of the Year is awarded to an agent/small business who is a proven performer, and an active member of the agent community. Marjorie was also named Agent of the Month in January 2022.

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