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July 12, 2023 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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John, Liveops agent spotlight: high quality experience

Often when we speak to enterprise companies about Liveops solutions, the high-quality interactions within the agent community stand out as a key differentiator. Agents like John are the reason their performance stands out.

John has been recognized for his outstanding performance since he began contracting with Liveops within the last year. However, if you ask John from Titusville, Florida, his accomplishments are, to him, no surprise at all.

“This is second nature to me,” says John, currently providing services as a non-licensed insurance guide. After 15 years of sales experience, followed by 20 years of sales management experience, John is perfectly secure in his ability to connect with callers. And yet, his quiet confidence never comes across as arrogant or boastful.

“I can do this with no problem,” John says with a laugh. “I’m able to communicate quickly with people over the phone. I encourage people. I’m able to make people smile and laugh.” (no surprise, there was lots of smiling and laughing in my conversation with John!)

Like many agents who have partnered with Liveops in the past few years, John began looking for new work-from-home opportunities in the wake of the pandemic. Prior to the shutdowns, John ran a 100-seat call center focused on sales. Since his time as an independent contractor, however, John isn’t looking back.

After adjusting to his work-from-home business model and completing certification on his program, he began committing his days and nights to providing services until he fell into a comfortable rhythm. Leaning on the agent support center and community has helped him understand the areas to focus in order to succeed.

According to John though, some of the most important attributes necessary for successful agents can’t be taught.

“You need to be confident. And you must be able to be flexible and clearly communicate the processes and options that callers have. Because many callers don’t even understand what their options are when it comes to programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Some people are waiting for a magic card to come in the mail without them doing anything!”

“I try to engage the customers and sales agents before they even connect with one another. The more information that I can give my callers, the better the situation turns out for everyone. The more informed my customers are, the easier they can communicate with the next person if needed. We should all be setting each other up for success. I think that has a lot to do with my KPIs.”

John’s performance numbers are impressive, but he’s the type of person that will never be completely satisfied until he reaches the top. John’s drive and dedication extend beyond his role, and into the Liveops agent community.

“I live in Liveops Nation. I enjoy the gamification and challenges. I have a long way to go, but I’m a competitive individual. If I’m not number one, something is wrong!”

Despite his competitive streak and strict daily regimen, (he’s up at 5 a.m. every day with a protein smoothie and a trip to the gym) John always makes time for the most important people in his life.

“When I can, I travel up to Georgia to see my family. We spend a lot of time together. To be completely honest, at 55, I think I have around 25 good summers left. So, I’m going to enjoy every single one of them.”

For most people who have such a busy schedule (did we mention that John also operates as a real estate agent on the weekends?), the risk of burnout is a genuine concern. But John isn’t stressed about succumbing to feelings of exhaustion anytime soon. His secret for staying consistently focused and engaged?

“I try to always remember why I’m doing what I’m doing. It’s to help those who don’t know the advantages they have when signing up for insurance. It’s a complicated process. They don’t make the information readily available and clear for the average person.  From my experience, a good percentage of people in this country don’t know what they’re signing up for.”

“More than anything, I consider myself a helper. And when you help people like this, you don’t get burnt out.”

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