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November 30, 2023 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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If there’s one piece of advice that Gail, a self-employed business owner with Liveops, would like to share with her community, it’s this:

“I’m a firm believer, and I try to live by this, preparation will lead to success.”

Sometimes, however, life takes us in unexpected directions that are difficult to prepare for. And in Gail’s case, we mean that literally.

In the past, Gail’s family—her husband and four children—got in the habit of uprooting their lives and relocating quite often due to her husband’s career. With a degree in journalism and communications from the University of Florida, Gail often struggled to find lasting work in her field each time the family moved. As well as simultaneously finding quality childcare for her kids.

“I had a friend who [contracted with] Liveops. And she recommended it to me because of all the constant relocation and moving around I was doing. She thought that Liveops would provide the flexibility and stability that could follow me wherever I went. That’s how I became a work-from-home mom with Liveops.”

Since then, she’s never looked back.

Gail’s journey with Liveops hasn’t exactly been a straight road. But ultimately, she’s been contracting as an agent on and off since 2010. And in that time, she’s serviced a high number of lines across multiple industries. From healthcare, to insurance, to retail, and back again.

“I’ve been around the block. Liveops provides so many opportunities. A good thing with Liveops is that if you find a program that doesn’t work for you, or doesn’t fit your schedule, or you’re just not enjoying it, there are options. You can ask to be released from the program and find something you enjoy doing, which is so different from working a job outside of the home.”

Gail knows firsthand how it feels to work a job she couldn’t stomach. She recalled prior work experiences that filled her with anxiety and dread before she even clocked in.

“I just wasn’t happy. And because of that, my employers weren’t getting the best from me. You can’t put 100% in your work if it’s something you don’t like doing.”

Virtual work has provided Gail with an opportunity to more effectively manage her anxiety and schedule. She now has a morning ritual where she sends positive “vibes” and thoughts out to the people in her life. She describes it as a meditation process that helps her get off to a good start.

As an agent providing services on a healthcare program, Gail enjoys having meaningful work and the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life with each call.

“When I help one of the members that call in that might be having an issue with a bill, or a provider…I feel that I’m really helping, that I’m making a difference in their life working to resolve the problem. I enjoy helping others and getting them to change their minds by the end of the conversation, making them feel heard, and that their issue was resolved.”

Gail pays it forward by utilizing her journalism and communications experience to provide quality customer service. When asked how those skills translate to her contracting with Liveops, she had this to say:

“When communicating with people, you have to be empathetic and kind and work to be an active listener. Those are all the traits I try to perform each day on my calls. I also have to be able to incorporate those characteristics when working with others.

With any opportunity, you have to be disciplined. You have to be accountable. You have to be punctual. Again, always, always, be as prepared and organized as possible. It will take you a long way. No matter what it is.”

Gail’s words of wisdom are universal. After working on so many varied projects over the years, how could they not be?

And one common truth that Gail has encountered time and time again no matter the project? If someone can’t derive any meaning or enjoyment from their current projects, they won’t be delivering their best performance. Don’t be afraid to let go, but always be prepared before taking the next step.

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