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September 29, 2022 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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deborah liveops agent spotlight

Full-time educator. Mother. Grandmother. Liveops Agent. Deborah finds the flexibility to do it all.

As the crispness of fall slowly sinks into the air, school-aged students are settling into their desks and routines. In her 38th year of teaching special education, Deborah is adjusting back into her routine as well. Though she retired in May 2022, she chose to return for the fall semester because of the ongoing teacher shortage in her area. After a full day of teaching, Deborah transitions to being a self-employed Liveops Agent.

Deborah joined Liveops in April 2017, attracted to the opportunity to supplement her teaching income. The flexibility of choosing her own commits allowed her to build a schedule that made sense for her personal and professional life. During the day, Deborah works full time as a teacher, and she picks up evening commits with her Liveops client when it works into her schedule.

“It really works for me to be so flexible,” said Deborah. “I can [provide services] like I want to.”

Deborah’s Liveops experience has shown several levels of flexibility. She is able to schedule around her personal and professional priorities. Deborah has also seen the flexibility of finding the Liveops client program that aligns with both her schedule and skillset. She has explored retail and direct response programs, though they didn’t seem to be the right fit. For the last year, Deborah has been providing services for a healthcare client that offers evening availability to work around her daytime teaching schedule.

The healthcare client allows Deborah to connect with patients across the country. As an educator, Deborah’s experience directly translates into delivering excellent experiences to customers and patients.

“You have to be patient and compassionate,” said Deborah. “In education or as a customer service representative, you can’t be so quick to react. You have to motivate and encourage instead of getting into the negative feeling a person may be having that particular day. Find the positive. Encourage them to feel better. That’s what we try to do – make that person feel better than they felt before.”

When Deborah is not teaching or providing services for Liveops, she enjoys spending time with her four children (three of her children have followed in her footsteps and are also educators!), her 10 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

“Liveops has given me the flexibility to travel. Last summer I took my daughter and three of my grandchildren to Disneyland. It has been a great opportunity for extra income for my family.”

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