How to achieve work-life balance when you work from home

April 19, 2018 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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Agents offer tried-and-true tips to stay focused and happy

As independent contractors, Liveops agents are skilled in striking a work-life balance—in fact, this is one of the main reasons they choose to work with Liveops instead of a regular 9-to-5 job.

Because agents choose their schedules to work around the important things in their lives, they can decide how to prioritize family obligations, education, appointments and even social time with their goals of building their businesses and earning money.

I asked Liveops agents to share their wisdom on the topic of balance, and our conversation ran the gamut from specific tips for Liveops agents to general ideas for feeling at peace. Here are Liveops agents’ top tips for work-life balance:

1. Never have a zero-dollar day.

Liveops agents’ income is largely in their hands. Jennifer, an agent from Georgia, reminds us that making five cents is better than making nothing.

For all of us, every choice we make has potential to either makes our lives better or worse. Getting on the phone to take even one call still moves an agent closer to their personal, business and financial goals.

2. Make a schedule.

The most important part of your day is taking a few minutes to reflect and decide how to spend your time. Free, unscheduled time can turn into a wasted opportunity if you end up checking social media or watching TV for an hour or two.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t build time to relax into your schedule. Teresa recommends scheduling time for everything including chores, exercise, and yes, even Netflix. Spend your free time however you’d like, as long as you spend it intentionally.

3. Be flexible.

While having a schedule is important, sticking to it isn’t always feasible. An agent named Barbara suggests being ready for the curveballs life will throw you. Staying positive and expecting the unexpected will help you cope when things don’t go as planned. You can even schedule flex time to accommodate those unforeseen demands on your time.

4. Set boundaries.

Working from home sometimes means fielding requests to pick up your neighbors’ kids from school, open the door for the cable guy, or clean the house during your workday. It’s crucial to set boundaries with your family and friends to keep your work and personal life as separate as possible, according to Linda, who has been a Liveops agent since 2015.

Make sure everyone understands that when you are working, you are not to be disturbed, and you can’t be available to help with errands and chores. Explain your work to them in a way that gets them to take it seriously. Without your family, friends, and neighbors on your side, it will be difficult to stay balanced because you will always be juggling work and personal demands at the same time.

5. Delegate.

Once you set clear boundaries with your family and friends, you should be able to delegate some tasks to them. This tip comes from an agent named Shawn, who says getting her children and husband to help out around the house has freed up time for her.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t feel like you have to explain yourself. The people who trust you and care about you will be there for you without needing all the details.


Obtaining work-life balance can be tricky and will likely require lifelong trial and error. Try to find a few minutes a day to stop what you’re doing and reflect on whether you’re moving towards your goals or away from them. Go easy on yourself and adjust as necessary, and you’ll start to see work and your personal life fitting together better than ever.

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Rachel Goldschmid

Rachel Goldschmid works in agent engagement at Liveops. She is passionate about fostering community within the Liveops Nation both online and in person.

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