Business Insider: Working parents earn from home, featuring Liveops agent

November 5, 2020 | Virtual Agents | Blog


Parents in 2020 have seen unique challenges in their family lives, and often their professional lives. Working mothers, in particular, have become victims of unemployment, faced with the choice to focus on their career, or leave their jobs to care for their families.

However, there are opportunities available! Business Insider recently featured ways that parents can earn extra income during these difficult times.

One of the featured mothers was Amy, a Liveops agent since March 2018. Amy currently works on a healthcare line at Liveops, connecting patients to necessary resources.

An excerpt from the article describes how Amy manages her busy schedule with the flexibility Liveops offers:

“What most attracted Smith to using Liveops was the ability to create her own schedule as a virtual worker. She’d already been homeschooling her children before the pandemic and needed a job that allowed her to balance being a mom, a teacher, and an income earner. Her typical virtual workday starts in the early afternoon and goes into the evening — a schedule she’s been able to maintain through COVID-19.

‘I like to focus on schoolwork in the mornings and getting the kids ready to be able to entertain themselves [while I work] in the afternoon with educational videos, reading books, and being able to play outside,” Smith said. “My goal is to take off an hour in the evening for dinner prep and eating together at the table as a family, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Once I log out at 8:10 p.m., the rest of the night is dedicated to my kids.’

Her 19-year-old daughter also began working for Liveops, and the teen’s flexible schedule allows her to help her mom with her younger siblings.

‘Without the flexibility of Liveops, I honestly don’t know how I would accomplish all that I do,’ Smith said.  

To learn more about ways Liveops offers flexibility and an opportunity to earn an income from the safety of their homes, visit 

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