Agents’ Choice: Best Laptop, Desktop, and Monitor

May 11, 2021 | Virtual Agents | Blog


Liveops agents choice: Best laptop, desktop, monitor

Setting up your home office is exciting! From selecting the right desk and location for the home office, all the way down to the monogrammed mug that holds your pens. Choosing the right technology is just as exciting, but also comes with many questions. Many prospective and new agents ask us about technology that works best for Liveops agents. So we went to the source, and asked Liveops Nation which tech they recommend! 

In this issue of Best of Tech, we share Liveops Agents’ choices for laptops, desktops, and monitors. 

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As a reminder, Liveops is not endorsing or requiring these products, we’re just sharing information provided by existing Liveops agents. Check out technology eligibility requirements, and always review your program’s specific requirements before purchasing new equipment.  

After sorting through 800+ survey results, we were shocked to find HP and Dell won every single round! Now that we have spoiled the surprise let’s dig into the details.

Best of Laptop

There were over 225 votes for HP laptops! Agents love that they are a great price point, light, fast, easy to use, and are compatible with a wide variety of software. Touchscreens and outstanding customer service added to the appeal.

“The technology they use is superb (i7 processor). It is a fast laptop with Bang & Olufsen speakers, a touchable screen which is great when you edit photos, the resolution is almost 4K to the naked eye and if you use a laptop for heavy work such as web editing, photo editing, contact center software, etc. this is a MUST. I love that I can flip the laptop and use it as a large tablet for editing. I usually buy a new laptop every 2-3 years as technology evolves so quickly and I’m a business owner that relies on technology, so HP has been out to the test twice with amazing results. Highly recommended!”

Dell came in a close second for its security features, battery life, and reliability. Our Apple fans love that all their products sync and they don’t have to worry as much about security and bugs.

Please note: at this time Apple laptops are not compatible with Liveops software. 


Best of Desktop

Once again, HP won by a tight margin! A lot of comments touched on their longevity, simplicity, familiarity, and upgrade options.

“I love HP products. They do not wear down quickly and last for a very long time. Dell would be my second choice because as an independent contractor it’s good to have a variety of hardware depending on business needs.”

Dells received a lot of the same feedback. They have earned a reputation as a “workhorse” and have a tech support add-on, Dell Assist, that sounds like it comes in handy.


Best of Monitor

Over 700 agents responded that they use a second or even third monitor and I understand why – it helps with multitasking and offers a larger screen size. Be warned: once you start using two monitors, it’s hard to go back!

Curved monitors and touchscreens are fancy options, but agents seem just as happy with the more budget-friendly finds. Keep an eye out for high resolution, color accuracy, and adjustability.

“I have a 27″ HP Pavilion HD monitor. I love this monitor because it provides ultra-wide viewing and captivating colors. It is also ultra-thin and it gives that sleek look to my desk.”


Questions or comments? Join the conversation in Liveops Nation or on our Liveops social media channels! 


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