Agent Myth Busting: #2 – Remote working is too lonely

April 14, 2021 | Virtual Agents | Blog


Myth busting - agent isolation in work-at-home job

MYTH: I’ll be too isolated if I work from home 

Working from home can be lonely sometimes. There are days (or weeks, or months in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic) when the only living being you have physical interaction with is your dog or your desk plant. But that doesn’t mean that you are alone.

This is just one of the things Liveops really excels at. For more than two decades, tens of thousands of Liveops agents have worked from their homes across the United States. It was crucial that we created a social network that allowed these like-minded individuals a safe place to collaborate, network, and create a human connection with other agents. 

Liveops Nation is a flourishing community. Agents can find study buddies as they go through certification. They can exchange business-building tips and share their favorite resources. And they also create friendships and support systems. 

Working remotely allows you to connect with people beyond your geographic location, from all walks of life. Military spouses, differently-abled, and retirees can all come together in one dynamic place. Imagine the connections you can make!

Don’t forget: you aren’t the only person that is going through this journey. Tap into your resources, reach out to connect, and learn some tips remote workers have shared through their experiences.  


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