Agent Myth Busting: #1 – Being your own boss is hard

April 13, 2021 | Virtual Agents | Blog


Be your own boss as a Liveops independent agent: Myth Busting

MYTH: Being my own boss is scary and hard

Not everyone thrives being their own boss. Your success is dependent on the time and work you put in. You’re responsible for making your own schedule, holding yourself accountable, and keeping track of your costs and earnings. For some people, this is daunting. For others, it is liberating! 

Imagine working the hours that make the most sense for you. Perhaps you’re a night owl, so a typical 9-5 only captures a few of your most productive hours. As an independent contractor or business owner, you design your schedule to work around your life. Work around your favorite exercise class, your daughter’s piano lessons, your own self-reflection, and positive mental health time. Want to take an extra trip this year? Put in the extra hours to boost your income. You’re the boss, which means you are the one approving those time-off requests.  

Being your own boss is also a way to marry your passion to your career. Do you love writing, but desire the freedom to write from any location? Are you passionate about helping others, and looking for a way to be supportive around your own schedule? Self-employment can be the link to finding meaningful work. 

There are many platforms and programs that provide support and resources for business owners. Consider joining a self-employed meetup or local networking group. Follow blogs and influencers. Partner with a platform that has community and resources baked in, like Liveops. 

Some common attributes of Liveops independent contractors: 

  • Creating your own schedule to work around your life
  • Organized, attention to detail, self-starter
  • Passionate about helping others in customer service 


Thousands of agents enjoy the freedom of being their own boss as Liveops agents. They service brands they love, make their own schedules, and love helping others.

If you’re ready to be your own boss as a Liveops independent agent, learn more here. 

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