7 tips for building a home-based business with Liveops

November 13, 2017 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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One agent shares her tips for building a successful home-based business.

By Lynn, an independent agent in Arizona

I started working from home in 2014 after becoming disabled, and began contracting with Liveops as an independent insurance claims agent in May 2016. I love doing insurance work.

I bring the same enthusiasm, drive and dedication to my home-based business that I had when working as a licensed agent at an insurance agency. I set my goals high and take my work seriously.

For anyone who wants to build a home-based business, here is some advice on working from home that I hope you find helpful:

  1. Treat this as a real workno distractions, no noise. Be at your desk when you are supposed to be there, ready to work.
  2. You will get feedback at first. Listen to it, learn from it and if you keep doing something wrong, go to the conference calls, ask questions, and review your material. It isn’t sent to upset you but to help you achieve your goals.
  3. Show up for your self-scheduled commits. If you don’t, you will see a drop in your call volume until you build up your commit adherence. If you treat it like regular work,  you should show up without fail. Things happen on occasion of course, but that should be the exception.
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself time to learn and if you feel you aren’t quite getting something ask for help or go to all the conference calls you can. The more time you invest the better you will be.
  5. Be positive and upbeat on the phones. Remember the person on the phone doesn’t know you are new! Sound confident! It will go far!
  6. Treat the customer on the phone well, like you would your own family member with kindness, patience and sincerity.
  7. This is your business, make it a success. A positive attitude goes a long way!

Good luck to all of the new agents and welcome aboard.

Apply now and start building your home-based business.

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Lynn has been working from home with various companies since 2014. She and her husband of 39 years have two grown children and a maltipoo dog named Cooper. They enjoy the year-round sunshine in Arizona, biking, going to movies, spending time with others and their church family.

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