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December 11, 2023 | Virtual Agents | Blog


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Hundreds of agents from across the country gathered and networked for the final Virtual Agent Roadshow of the year last month. The event also featured the Liveops Annual Agent Awards, celebrating many Independent Agents for their excellence, dedication, and drive.

Agents of the Year

These agents stand out among the rest! Hailed in their respective program, these agents were selected as the star players of the roster based on key metrics and character traits.

Rebecca, Non-Licensed Insurance Guide 

“I am so excited to be recognized! I haven’t contracted with Liveops as long as others so it makes me happy. I looked a long time for a [virtual work opportunity] before I found Liveops. There are so many fly-by-night companies that you have to invest a huge of money. Liveops isn’t like that, and everyone is so helpful.” – Rebecca





Louise, Healthcare Patient Support
Thank you so much for this recognition, I truly appreciate it.” – Louise



Ashley, Healthcare Patient Support

Trinisha, Healthcare Patient Support

Sheri, Body Care & Home Fragrance
“Thank you for the honor of Agent of the Year! I am overjoyed to have my dedication recognized in this way by Liveops. Many hours of independent learning have gone into my love for the client, and it means so much to me that it resonates with others. 

Part of being a successful agent is always learning and striving to be better in our business, focusing on what we can do to help the clients, and allowing ourselves some grace, along with laughs, when we are struggling.

There are many other agents who are so deserving as well that I look up to, who inspire me to be my best. We are better when we lift each other up and, in our program, we strive to do just that!” – Sheri


Dana, Direct Response

“I am truly blessed to be [an Independent Contractor Agent with] Liveops and thank you so much for recognizing me and for the award. I worked for an insurance company for 16 years prior to this and decided to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool which has been a blessing. This would not have been possible if it was not for Liveops. Liveops has stood by me through Breast Cancer in 2013 and has given me a chance to homeschool our daughter who is in 9th grade now. Also, I have been able to make precious memories with my family.” – Dana


Gail, Medicaid Member Support

“I am thankful, blessed, and honored to accept and receive this recognition award from my peers. I am a firm believer in the quote, ‘When Preparation Meets Opportunity It Equals Success.’ Because of Liveops’ commitment to excellence with their clients, Independent Agents, staff, and employees, they are continuously striving to provide countless opportunities so that we grow as business owners working from the comfort of our own homes. 

Simply put, Liveops has helped me prepare to succeed above and beyond for every opportunity that has come my way, and for that I thank you!” – Gail


Mary, Healthcare

“I am extremely honored to be receiving such an important award. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue providing services for this program because Liveops offers so many amazing opportunities.” – Mary 


Stacy B., Utility Support

“Agent of the year is a reflection of the [wonderful people in Liveops Nation]. We have the best ARAs. Thank you very much.” – Stacy 





Sarah C., Healthcare Support

“Every time I succeed professionally, it is because I was lifted up by exceptional [guidance] and people who are equally dedicated to this opportunity as I am. To all with [this program], thank you.” – Sarah



Arianne, Utility Support

“I’m humbly honored to be recognized as agent of the year for [this program]. I’m grateful for the amazing people who molded me into the agent I am today, for all the hard work that is done behind the scenes, and for the rewarding opportunities I get to be a part of everyday. Thank you Liveops and [this program] for being all around great, and for providing an amazing environment that I love to be a part of!” – Arianne 




Karla, Insurance

“Coming from hands-on healthcare, I have found [this insurance client] to be the perfect position for me. I always look forward to every commit and start and end my commits smiling. I am able to connect [with people] over the phone, go through the process with them, feel their progress and appreciation. It is hands-on watching them put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s all positive and no drama, it’s my favorite experience.” – Karla



Debra, Intuit
“I truly enjoy being a Liveops Intuit agent. Serving customer and agent needs through this program has been very satisfying to me.” – Debra





Darlene, Athletic Retail
“It is with great joy that I accept this honor. I really love contracting with such great people and simply enjoy what I do. Thank you so much for this honor.” – Darlene



Sara, Luxury Retail
“If you did not get to do what you love, learn to love what you do…” – Sara



Iman, Insurance

“I am honored to be selected to receive the 2023 Agent of the Year award. I value the opportunity to contract among so many talented and dedicated individuals. The ability to conveniently provide such protection virtually, with the time flexibility, makes this program one to truly appreciate. Thank you for showing your appreciation for our service.” – Iman 


Agent’s Choice Award

Voted by the community as a source of support and inspiration, this agent is a peer’s choice.

Congrats to Stacy!
“I am honored to be recognized by my peers with the agent choice award. I have the great pleasure to contract with a wonderful group of people who are always there for each other!” – Stacy 




Social Butterfly Award Jill and Kimberleigh

These agents are constantly showing Liveops love on social media! Whether it’s participating in giveaways, re-sharing posts, clicking the “like” button, oranswering questions, these agents are never shy about getting social!

“Thank you Liveops for this award. The great content posted makes it easy to like and share. My favorites are the Tips from Agents & Liveops Pets #SocialButterfly” – Kimberleigh, pictured right

-Jill, pictured left






Conversationalist Award Tonya

Tonya is engaged and in-the-know. Consistently showing up in Liveops Nation to lend support and cultivate community, Tonya knows the pulse of Liveops.  

Congratulations to all 2023 Liveops Annual Agent Award winners!

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