2021 Liveops Agent of the Year Awards

December 21, 2021 | Virtual Agents | Blog


Liveops hosted the final Virtual Agent Roadshow of the year earlier this month! Hundreds of agents from across the country gathered for business updates and networking. The event also featured the Annual Agent Awards, which celebrate Agents who epitomize the Liveops purpose of improving people’s lives. This year we are excited to acknowledge five agents for their excellence, dedication, and drive. 

women entrepreneur day, Sharon Meeks DeBouse

Liveops Agent of the Year

Sharon Meeks DeBouse reflects the Liveops mission and stands out amongst her peers. She expertly provides support to multiple clients, advocates the Liveops opportunity, and fulfills Liveops’s mission of improving people’s lives during everyday calls and in Liveops Nation.

“I’m truly honored to accept this award as one of the business owners within Liveops, because Liveops has positively improved my family’s life. I truly believe that in order for you to balance your family you need a flexible source of income and Liveops offers that.” 


Agent’s Choice Award & Liveops Conversationalist Award

Nominated by fellow Liveops agents in Liveops Nation, Randy received the Agent’s Choice award for constantly being present to offer insight and advice to other agents within the community.

Randy also received the Conversationalist Award, for her engagement and support to other agents in Liveops Nation. 

Liveops Social Butterfly Award

Two agents received the Social Butterfly Award, for engaging in Liveops social media channels. Cynthia and Priscilla are active members and advocates on social media. 

Word of Mouth Award

Just three months into the Liveops Referral Program, Dawn leads the pack with the highest number of referrals submitted. Since the program’s launch, September 1st, she has referred 143 people to be Liveops Agents! 


Liveops Nation is the community that allows Liveops agents to collaborate, network and meet each other in a virtual setting. Though Liveopss agents provide services remotely from their homes, they are never alone. Whether they have questions about their current programs, or just need a place to connect, their community is a place of connection.



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