2020 Agent of the Year Awards

December 14, 2020 | Virtual Agents | Blog


2020 Virtual Roadshow and Agent of the Year Awards

Earlier this month we held our final virtual roadshow of 2020! Almost 300 Liveops agents and staff gathered to celebrate some accomplishments from the last 12 months and kick off the busy holiday season. The Liveops agent community has gone above and beyond this year to support one another while continuing to drive excellent service for our enterprise clients. 

This year, we recognized several agents for their contributions to Liveops Nation in 2020! We are honored to reward these agents for their dedication and positivity that truly makes a difference in the lives they touch. Please join us in congratulating this year’s winners! 

Liveops Social Butterfly Award

Tracy and Cindy truly are social media ambassadors! From answering questions from potential agents to engaging with Liveops content, these agents are never shy about getting social and sharing their love for Liveops! 


Liveops Expert Award

This award goes to Paula and Randy! These two agents never let a question go unanswered in Liveops Nation, and are always willing to lend a helping hand! 


Liveops Conversationalist Award

Creating connections in the Liveops Agent Community is crucial in a remote environment – from asking how your day is, to sharing a smile or word of support. This award goes to Rick, the agent who started the most conversations in Liveops Nation in 2020. 

Liveops Agent of the Year

This award recognizes an agent who exemplifies the Liveops spirit of service, integrity, curiosity, and compassion. Not only do they continuously strive for excellence within their home-business, but their dedication to delivering meaningful customer service experiences make them leaders amongst their peers. 

Congratulations to Melissa for receiving this honor! 


We are so excited to wrap up 2020 and kick off the New Year with our amazing community of agents! 

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Leandra Naranjo

Leandra Naranjo is the Senior Agent Engagement Manager at Liveops. She is dedicated to creating and fostering a community, Liveops Nation, both online and in person.

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