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March 26, 2021 | Flexible Workforce | Blog


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For many of us, we left our photo-adorned cubicles behind in March 2020, unsure of how the COVID-19 pandemic would affect our lives, or the loss we would endure in the weeks, months, and now a year later. But through the last year, we have learned so much!

We collected a few of our Liveops employees’ best work-at-home tips and stories from the last year.

How do you manage work-life balance?

  • If I am working late, I will have my son join me at my desk to do homework and get some quality time!
  • Don’t be ashamed if you have to take work with you sometimes! The beauty of working remotely is that we don’t have to miss our kid’s soccer games. There is no shame in sitting in the bleachers with a hot spot.

Make sure your workspace is separate from your living space if possible

  • Create boundaries: physical, mental, and technological. Keep the work in the work area and then shut it off and leave the room. Be careful not to become a Slack addict and ignore the family.

What’s the most hilarious thing that happened to you while working remotely this last year?

  • Well, I wear my house slippers a lot and have found myself at the market/in public surprised to still be wearing them. 
  •  I switched offices and now I’m next to the main bathroom. During a meeting with my team (with my microphone on) someone went in there and let’s just say… made a lot of noise.

My husband bursting into my office during a meeting yelling “IT’S TACO TUESDAY!”

  • I decided to potty-train my toddler during quarantine. Thanks to regular video meetings, this meant my team was often an involuntary spectator/ participant during this journey (will not go into too much detail here). It also meant teaching my toddler that having several people clap when you go potty is not something to get used to. 

How do you keep health and wellness in mind while working remotely?

  • Working remotely can be lonely. It’s good to have a solid support system since you aren’t around people every day. Connect with your peers frequently and regularly!  The collaborative spirit at Liveops is part of our differentiation – don’t let yourself retreat.

“ I’ve been working remotely for 15 years with Liveops and Slack has definitely diminished the sense of isolation.”

  • Don’t forget to get up and move around.  Working alone at home, it’s easy to get glued to the computer.  Spirits stay more buoyant when there’s the occasional break and physical activity.

RESOURCE: There are many helpful apps that can keep you mindful during the day, and several that pair with fitness trackers. Use those gentle reminders to stand, stretch, or just do a 30-second freestyle dance.

  • Use the old commute time for exercise! Both sides of the day, morning and evening. It helps to get some fresh air before you start your day.
  • Keep snacks on hand… and the right kind!  It’s so easy to go through a bag of chips or such.  Fresh fruit is a great option!
  • A change of scenery may help productivity. If you’re able, try working from a different room or outside for 30 minutes.

“I’ve found that when I become a bit stuck on something, the energy of a different space just for a small break, inspires/opens thought a bit more.”

  • Schedule the showers. It’s easy to put them on the back burner.

What are some tips for making your home office amazing?

  • “Having a plaque or light on the door to my office to indicate if I’m available or unavailable (unless there is an emergency)  is a VERY NECESSARY tool when you have a 10-year-old at home!”
  • Make sure your home office is set up with the right equipment. Splurge on the chair, and consider a sit/stand desk. 

“My desk is standing height and I got a tall chair with it. I am so glad I did to encourage the movement of standing and small exercise machines I can use while working.”

  • Is your team dispersed across time zones? Use an alarm clock as a secondary clock to stay on Eastern Time, or hang a clock that shows all the time zones. (Hint: SUPER helpful during daylight saving time!)


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