Managing Mental Health in Remote Environments

April 29, 2020 | Flexible Workforce | Blog


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Managing your mental health in the times of coronavirus

The days are blurring together. Your dress shoes are starting to gather dust. “Business Unusual” has challenged you in more ways than one – from working at home to altering your daily routine. It’s time to take a moment for yourself. 

Mental health is crucial daily, especially in times of crisis. In stressful times (like, the coronavirus pandemic), our lives undergo several changes that can make it tough to adapt. Additionally, working from home can become particularly isolating, especially for those that are not used to remote working. 

There are several ways to integrate mental health best practices into your daily life. 

          1. Fresh air and exercise are great ways to get yourself grounded. Getting a dose of nature or going for a brisk walk are great ways to reset. 

          2. Journaling can be extremely therapeutic. Write down your thoughts, questions, or jot down an exciting thing that happened today. 

          3. Connect – with family, coworkers, friends. Learn something new about them by asking these questions. Share new recipes, discuss shows you’re currently watching or create a virtual book club. It’s important to talk about your emotions with your network, but it is also important to step away from current events and connect on a personal level. 

          4. Spend 30 minutes (or more!) a day on a hobby that brings you joy and passion. Painting, cooking, puzzles, stargazing. It can be anything, as long as it is about YOU. 

          5. Many apps can help you disconnect, including meditation, music, and journaling.

          6. Try breathing techniques are popular for relaxation and sleep.

          7. Ask for help. Whether you reach out to a coworker you trust or a third party helpline, there are resources available to help navigate through these times.


Your workplace and coworkers can be an excellent resource to help you keep tabs on your mental health. Lean on the experience of others who have worked remotely for a longer period of time (Check out our Remote Life Tips). If you are looking for an opportunity to work remotely that comes with a community baked in, consider becoming a Liveops independent agent. Learn more at


For more information, check out these resources:

CDC on coping with stress and anxiety amidst an outbreak

Disaster Distress Helpline

Pandemic Crisis Services Response Coalition 

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