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September 20, 2023 | Flexible Workforce | Blog


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If you’re looking to graduate your enterprise’s customer experience from mediocre to unmatched, a collaboration with Liveops is the game changer. One of our specialties is working with clients to tailor thoughtful processes to your specific customer base, ensuring better CX and communicating that you care. As you continue to sharpen your enterprise’s offerings, the following are some CX concepts to keep in mind.


First, when it comes to positive experience interfacing with a brand, flexibility is central. It’s a powerful quality in any business, and has become increasingly important in recent years as consumer expectations continue to evolve. A hallmark of Liveops is the ability to meet your customers where they want to be met, at any time of day, via any vehicle—an approach essential to idealizing CX. Not only does prioritizing flexibility make your business stand out, it also generates loyalty. Its significance cannot be overstated: high-quality CX directly correlates to revenue.

Omni or Multi-Channel Experience

Consumers today expect businesses to be available to them at any time, but also on any channel, whether it be chat, email, phone, social media, or text. Agents partnering with Liveops possess the distinct ability to adapt to changing circumstances and needs in real time. Being able to pivot quickly when a customer has a problem is invaluable and rare, and providing omnichannel communications means businesses are able to meet customers where they are, in the most convenient way possible.

There’s nothing quite like the frustration of losing context or having to repeat yourself to multiple representatives inside of one business. We’ve all been there. Consumers keep a busy schedule, and don’t have indefinite swaths of time to wait or recap their needs to multiple parties. In the same vein, their preferred communication channel may switch as they move throughout their day. For example, while texting may have been ideal while sitting in a quiet waiting room at a doctor appointment, the customer might need to transition to a hands-free call to continue resolution as they drive home.

Understand and Leverage Data

Another tool in generating positive CX is good, old-fashioned data analysis. When enterprises gain insight into their customers, they can then create more personalized brand experiences, ultimately contributing to customer satisfaction and repeat business. Liveops makes data-driven decisions that helps businesses anticipate future customer needs and desires so they may be proactive in providing solutions. If data indicates call volume is historically high 9-11 a.m. ET, businesses are able to adequately staff customer service lines with Liveops agents at the ready. A common challenge with customer service is having to wait ages to talk to an agent. No matter how awesome an agent is, by the time one is available after a long wait, the customer is already frustrated.

More broadly, when a customer frequently purchases a certain type of product, a business can use that information to recommend related products, provide targeted promotions, and presuppose customer service needs. Demographic data alone can inform preferred communication channels. Data analysis is multifaceted, reduces friction points by forecasting needs, and gives businesses an opportunity for meaningful interactions with their customers.

Embrace AI with Humans at the Core

Make no mistake, though, it’s not all about data. Despite exciting advancements in technology and the rise of automation, human touch remains crucial. Chatbots and automated responses may be useful for handling basic inquiries, but they cannot replace the empathy and understanding—essentially, emotional intelligence—a human can provide. It’s perhaps surprising, then, that Forrester’s report, Predictions 2023: Customer Experience, predicts 20% of CX teams will disappear this year. As the trend pendulum swings toward the automated, Liveops believes it’s more important than ever to remain invested in human-based CX. Continuing to balance human and bot-based CX solutions will become a key differentiator in your enterprise’s market. People want to connect with people, not necessarily machines.

A core value of Liveops is to ensure a brand is being represented appropriately. With that in mind, humans help build trust and can make all the difference in complex issue resolution, creating a meaningful business/customer connection. It’s imperative for businesses to remember that technology should be used as a tool to enhance the customer interaction, not replace it.

Businesses must stay on their toes, always ready for timely adaptation to the rapidity of ever-changing customer preferences. Simply, meeting customers when and where they want to be met, using data to understand their needs, and providing a human touch creates a positive customer experience. By leveraging the power of these concepts in partnership with Liveops, businesses can create a distinct customer relationship that will set them apart from competition and lead to long-term success.

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Doug DeBolt

Doug is the Senior Vice President of Client Development at Liveops, where he assists enterprises in enhancing their customer experience (CX). With over two decades of industry experience, he is deeply committed to leveraging innovative strategies and meaningful insights to deliver better business outcomes.

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