Key Factors of Quality Agent Interactions

August 22, 2023 | Flexible Workforce | Virtual Agents | Blog


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In the current customer service landscape, one of the prominent themes among customer experience (CX) leaders is the pursuit of high-quality experiences.

Unsurprisingly, quality interactions serve as the bedrock of customer loyalty and retention. Retaining existing customers is a more effective revenue-building strategy compared to attracting new ones. Yet, skilled agents possess the ability to foster meaningful connections with both existing and new customers, thereby solidifying customer relationships.

Below are nine common factors that help lead to better customer experiences.

  1. Experience: The VirtualFlex platform attracts agents with an average of 15 years or more of professional experience. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise enable them to forge genuine connections, backed by a seasoned professional’s hard and soft skills.
  2. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy: Agents genuinely care about the quality of their service and supporting customers the best way they can. Empathy is an inherent trait derived from the life experiences of agents.
  3. Flexibility: A positive agent experience directly translates to improved customer experience. The VirtualFlex model attracts agents who are entrepreneurs. They can tailor their schedules to fit their lives, resulting in better balance for agents and increased adaptability to meet call volume demands. (Learn more about Right-Time Scheduling, and how it translates to better customer outcomes)
  4. Data-driven and Solution-oriented: Agents leverage metrics to deliver better outcomes based on client-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Their focus on efficient solutions benefits customers consistently.
  5. Community and Collaboration: The remote environment need not be isolating. Liveops Nation serves as a peer-to-peer network, enabling agents across the US to share business-building tips and establish personal connections.
  6. Soft Skills: Beyond empathy, core soft skills are important to customer experiences, such as active listening, conflict resolution, patience, and calmness, all of which are exemplified within Liveops Nation.
  7. Product Knowledge through Distance Learning: Agents continually engage with distance learning modules upon program entry, and ongoing refreshers, updated sessions, and evergreen content are available through the Liveops University platform.
  8. Entrepreneurial Attitude: A determined outlook plays a pivotal role in achieving success. Agents choose to provide services to selected clients while concurrently establishing and developing their own home-based businesses.
  9. Brand Affinity and Dedication: Agents exhibit a strong passion for the programs they choose to provide services on. This dedication is evident in the quality and relatable connections they establish with enterprises’ customers.


Agent quality factors The Liveops VirtualFlex platform delivers talent and flexibility to enterprise organizations at scale. To learn more about how Liveops can deliver better outcomes for your business, connect with our team.



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