Customer service has evolved. Have your contact centers?

February 15, 2018 | Flexible Workforce | Blog


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Take the contact center assessment to see how you stack up.

How well is your contact center serving your customers? For too many customer service leaders, the answer is, “I don’t know.” There is often rigor behind assessing individual agent performance, but far less attention given to the fundamental question of whether contact center performance overall can be better.

Companies that give this fundamental question the attention it deserves are poised to capture greater market share. Why?

Customers today have high expectations when they consult customer service. They want to have their problems resolved quickly and efficiently and easily give up on a company if they aren’t satisfied. The 2018 New Voice Media “Serial Switchers” report reveals that 67% of customers will switch to a new brand because of bad customer service. The survey equates this to $75 billion a year – not a small chunk of change. 

Below are a few areas where traditional contact centers often fall short—and in a moment, you’ll be able to complete a brief survey to gain an honest assessment of your contact centers.

Today’s traditional contact center has failed to evolve

Given the influence this workforce has over an organization’s success, it is essential to take a critical look at your contact center. Many of today’s traditional contact centers fall short, and this has taken a significant toll on customer experience.

  • High attrition and overhead: Time and money are put into train agents, only to see them leave after a year. Plus, you’re limited to the talent available within a reasonable distance from your contact center.
  • Poor call handling: Long wait times, being cold and impersonal, blocking contact from live humans, repeating issues over and over again to multiple people, and not getting a quick resolution to problems all increase customer churn.
  • Lack of business agility: Call volumes spike dramatically, and for customers on hold, those precious seconds seem like an eternity.

Now is the time for a new approach

There is an excellent opportunity to improve customer experience and evolve your contact center. Research shows there are big wins by improving customer experience. According to Harvard Business Review, customers who have the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who have the poorest experience.

What would you like to see out of your contact centers in the future? A modern contact center that transforms your business? One that is faster, better quality, cheaper, and more predictable?

To help you get started, let’s begin by setting a baseline. We’ve developed a contact center Assessment so customer service professionals can rate their organization across three capabilities—quality, flexibility, and engagement. Where does your organization fit?

Take a quick survey today, and upon completion, you will receive a customized report which you may leverage as a guide with insights into what’s possible and what changes will help you get more out of your contact center and deliver better customer experiences.

Start the survey now.


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Stephanie Stouck

Stephanie is director of solutions marketing at Liveops. She specializes in developing deep insights in the call center industry to create innovative solutions that maximize business agility and quality.

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