Recap: Liveops Digital Transformation in 2021

December 22, 2021 | Corporate | Blog


liveops digital transformation

Over the last two decades, Liveops has been a beacon for how to successfully attract, engage, and onboard virtual agents. In 2021 Liveops invested in an aggressive digital transformation strategy to improve and further optimize the agent experience. Liveops is committed to a highly motivated independent contractor agent community who are driven to deliver the best possible level of service with every call. We listened to the agent community to understand where there were opportunities, and integrated new technology to smooth out the friction points. 

Applicant Tracking System

In early 2021, Liveops launched a new applicant tracking system, powered by Fountain, a leading applicant tracking system designed for high-volume recruiting. Liveops needed a platform that could manage high-volumes of applicants, sometimes over 1,000 per day, while delivering a seamless applicant experience. The company gathered feedback from agents about their journey and the Fountain system was chosen based on its ability to meet the organization’s needs. The platform is more mobile-friendly, with an intuitive interface that encompasses nearly all onboarding tasks within the workflow.

Virtual Agent Community

Liveops fosters community through Liveops Nation, a virtual network of like-minded agents who connect and support one another personally and professionally. To further improve the agent experience within Liveops Nation, Liveops partnered with a new community platform, Influitive, the market leader in customer advocacy and community software. 

The upgraded community platform, Liveops Nation, provides a more engaging environment for independent agents to interact and help their businesses thrive. Features include challenges, points, and badges that incentivize agents to complete needed activities such as client selection and certification, ongoing program updates, and new opportunities to grow their home businesses. The site is personalized, ensuring each agent has a unique experience, interacting with information that is relevant to their home business. Through the platform, independent agents can also participate in community forums to help other agents by answering questions or sharing advice. Influitive enables gamification with agents earning points for actions they take within the community when they complete certifications, and with the calls they take.

Agent Background Checks

To reduce barriers and timeline to becoming a Liveops Agent, Liveops partnered with Sterling, an industry-leading provider of background and identity services. Liveops’ partnership with Sterling creates many benefits for prospective agents, including fair reporting, a premiere candidate experience, a dedicated support structure for clients and candidates, and quicker turnaround times — 82% of reports are fulfilled within one day. In addition to optimizing the candidate experience and increasing candidate conversion, the partnership also provides a more cost-effective pricing structure for prospective contractors.

Distance Learning

Liveops selected SAP Litmos® as its technology partner to deploy a scalable learning management system for its virtual agent community. Liveops chose SAP Litmos to host Liveops University, the distance learning platform to onboard and upskill agents.

Liveops’ approach to distance learning is critical for the agent community since agents are geographically dispersed across the United States. Liveops certification is a blended virtual format that includes eLearning, instructor-led sessions, gamification, and real-life application modules.

Liveops Support Center

It is vital to complement new technology with an interactive and helpful support system. This year, Liveops Support Center integrated a chatbot and a more robust knowledge base to help agents self-serve solutions. For issues that need Liveops staff involvement, an upgraded ticket system allows the right staff member to assist the agents in a timely manner. This is just the first step towards a comprehensive self-service solution, more exciting enhancements slated for 2022!


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