Liveops Philanthropy Update: Volunteer Weeks Recap 2022

August 10, 2022 | Corporate | Blog


liveops volunteer week

The Liveops Philanthropy team is an employee-led group that helps foster charitable engagement among Liveops employees across the U.S. This group amplifies the company’s purpose through company-supported fundraising and volunteering initiatives. 

“Having a company that really champions philanthropy and not only provides paid time for volunteering, but encourages it, makes such a difference,” said Katie K., member of the Liveops Philanthropy team. “Our purpose at Liveops is to improve people’s lives in all ways, not just ‘in the (virtual) office’, and VTO directly impacts both our personal and professional lives. It is such a great benefit to employees.”

Liveops employees cohesively identify and support a number of charitable causes throughout the year. In addition to financial support, volunteering is an important component. 

“Volunteer Weeks is our annual company-wide initiative that encourages employees to use their company-supplied Volunteer Time Off,” said Tom G., Liveops Philanthropy team member. “The objective is to enhance and serve communities in which we live and work – and virtually too!”

This July, Liveops kicked off their 2nd Annual Volunteer Weeks. Employees donated their time at a number of organizations that are meaningful to them, collectively volunteering more than 630 hours! 

Liveops held a company-wide blood drive with the American Red Cross. Dozens of employees attended the in-person drive in Scottsdale, while others donated blood in their communities across the country. Many people supported food banks or organizations around food insecurities. Crafty employees made blankets or capes for kids in local shelters. Bags full of garbage were removed from parks and waterways. Virtual opportunities allowed employees to make a difference without leaving their homes, including transcribing historical documents, proofreading e-books, and writing cards to children in hospitals. 

We are proud of the impact employees made during the 2nd Annual Volunteer Weeks initiative, and look forward to improving many more lives throughout the year!

liveops volunteer week liveops volunteer week liveops volunteer week

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