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January 2, 2018 | Contact Center Industry | Distance Learning | Flexible Workforce | Blog


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Why bother? Surprising ways training improves business performance

When I talk with clients about ongoing skill development for their customer service agents, some are torn. While they want agents to be well equipped and productive, many fear that after investing time and money, these folks will leave for jobs at other companies.

High attrition is pretty common in the customer service industry. According to CareerBuilder, 25 percent of companies say a bad hire costs more than $50,000. In fact, of these companies surveyed:

  • 36% had decrease in morale
  • 40% lost time due to training
  • 41% experienced decreased productivity
  • 40% lost time due to frorecruiting

Limiting ongoing education to contain costs is a short-sighted approach to employee management and organizational health. Without ongoing access to proper skill development, performance suffers and customer satisfaction drops. 

The Association for Talent Development found that companies encouraging ongoing skill development:

  • Enjoy a 24 percent higher profit margin than those who spend less on skill development, and
  • Generate a 6 percent higher shareholder return if the training expenditure per employee increases by $680.

What does it mean to be a distributed learning organization?

As companies start to leverage highly skilled, flexible workforces as well as their own distributed full-time employees, it’s important to provide ongoing skill development.

A distributed learning organization is committed to continually learning, growing and improving. If you aren’t doing it, your competition most definitely is and you risk becoming stagnant, failing to adapt to change, and it eventually impacts customer satisfaction.

Many internal education departments are challenged by distributed learning. They might not have the proper experience or bandwidth to create content that meets the needs of individual learning styles. Also, many struggle to scale and efficiently deploy new curricula to learners who are distributed all over the country.

Traditional Classroom Learning

  • Difficult to keep content current
  • Expensive to deliver
  • Inconsistent delivery & tracking
  • Poor retention rates
  • Paced to the slowest learner
Distributed Learning

  • Scalable to many learners
  • Delivered wherever needed
  • Consistent learning experience
  • Consumable chunks of content
  • Assessments & automated tracking
  • Aligned to adult learning styles

The good news is that customer service agents want to learn. They really do! In fact up to 33 percent of global employees cited training and development as their top benefit choice besides salary and 75 percent of millennials would consider leaving their job if they don’t see options for skill development.

Liveops offers ongoing opportunities to learn

You don’t have to create a skill-development function in your organization. Liveops can help. We offer a customizable distance learning and development solution, called Skill Builder, that enables organizations to develop highly skilled customer service agents. It equips your workforce with application and soft-skills development, delivered as a service.

We’ll work with you to define a curriculum offering in conjunction with your business needs. Then we’ll create instructional content and work closely with you to determine the best delivery method to present the curriculum to your workers—eLearning, facilitator and student guides, videos, and much more.

Your learning organization can now deliver on-demand learning from anywhere, anytime. In fact, we can scale to thousands of learners, even when they are distributed around the country. We will help you improve onboarding and skill development, making it easier to deliver much-needed instruction to learners, regardless of location.

Becoming a distributed learning organization doesn’t happen overnight. Working with Liveops, we’ll help you start to see the benefits. When your agents are more proficient, they’ll deliver more value to your organization. You will:

  • Build a more efficient, effective and highly motivated team. They’ll learn smarter and you’ll save money.
  • Increase customer satisfaction scores.
  • Enhance your company’s competitive position.

Learn more about our Skill Builder learning solution

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Stephanie Stouck

Stephanie is director of solutions marketing at Liveops. She specializes in developing deep insights in the call center industry to create innovative solutions that maximize business agility and quality.

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