This holiday season transform your business year-round

December 15, 2020 | Contact Center Industry | Flexible Workforce | Blog


Transform your business with Virtual Flex

This Holiday Season Is an Opportunity to Transform Your Business Year-Round

It’s a holiday season unlike any other. Millions of people are staying home. Countless companies, including major retailers such as Walmart and Macy’s, are doing business primarily or totally online. More and more salespeople and customer service agents are working remotely rather than staffing contact centers and brick-and-mortar outlets.

These changes are difficult, but not permanent. With the recent updates around a COVID vaccine, the 2020 holiday season will likely wind up a historical anomaly. By this time in 2021 (or maybe 2022), we might all be able to return to our familiar end-of-year traditions and habits—filling airports, shopping at crowded stores in-person, and going on massive seasonal hiring sprees to meet the holiday rush.

The conventional holiday season puts significant pressure on businesses. Employers usually scramble around this time of year to staff up, stand out from the competition, fulfill orders on time, and meet year-end financial goals and obligations—all while keeping customers happy. The economic and logistical impacts of COVID—from lowered household spending to increased shipping delays—have added new complications into the mix, forcing companies to lean heavily on limited resources, reskill workers, and even revise paid time off policies.

But the pandemic has also spurred innovation, and, in some cases, led to improvements in customer and employee experiences. When you run a virtual or semi-virtual business, you aren’t confined to a specific region or time zone. You don’t have to rely on massive one-day sales events or worry about highly-concentrated inventory and foot traffic in physical locations. You can reach customers in seconds via their devices. Your team members can work from anywhere. 

Meanwhile, people’s expectations have changed. Time and space don’t mean what they used to. We’re all living more slowly and deliberately—making more room in our schedules for ourselves and our families, reflecting on our responsibilities to and influences on one another. Concepts like “work–life balance” and the 9-to-5, 40-hour week now seem outdated and incongruous with reality. Many people will never commute to a job again.

All of which is to say that the world has evolved rapidly over the past several months—and maybe it’s okay if our year-end routines change a little bit, too. Who wouldn’t want a holiday season with less crunch and more cheer? What if the success of your business didn’t hinge on a single day or location? What if you didn’t need to hire scores of temporary workers in November and December, only to let them go in February?

That better future is within reach. With Liveops, you can meet the needs of the 2020 holiday season—and create lasting, positive changes for your business and the people you serve in 2021, 2022, and beyond. Join us in revolutionizing customer service and providing professionals and customers alike with greater flexibility, quality, and meaning. Get started today.


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Matt Lurie

Matt Lurie is a freelance writer, editor, and designer. He has worked in industries such as retail, marketing, accounting, real estate, legal services, and technology, with a focus on helping pioneering and transformative brands tell their stories.

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