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February 28, 2019 | Contact Center Industry | Blog


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As the flexible model grows, so does Liveops awards recognition

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When it comes to customer service, receiving a Stevie Award is one of the world’s top honors a contact center organization or professional can accept. Each year the Stevie Awards receives more than 12,000 entries from organizations in more than 70 nations submit applications. This year, Liveops is excited to announce that the awards committee of more than 700 executives selected our submissions as finalists in all four of our categories.

Read the press release here.

What did Liveops win at the 2019 Stevie Awards?

Gold 2019 Stevie award winner

Our agent certification eLearning program won GOLD for Customer Service Training Product of the Year

Liveops sources the best U.S. agents, no matter where they live, to handle its customers’ calls. Our network of highly motivated, skilled representatives includes a wide variety of backgrounds, work experiences, skill/education levels, and demographics nationwide.

One of the ways we can activate this remote workforce is through our agent learning platform. Our certification programs set Liveops apart from other providers with a variety of self-paced learning approaches including social tools and gamification programs to optimize agent performance. Liveops agents also learn to leverage our industry-leading security platform .

Silver 2019 Stevie Award Winner

Liveops won SILVER for Contact Center or Customer Service Outsourcing Provider of the Year

One of the biggest things that sets Liveops apart from other BPOs and contact centers is its ability to incorporate untapped segments of the country into the workforce such as stay at home parents, veterans, caregivers, and persons with disabilities in urban and remote areas. This is where our model and infrastructure come into play as the leader in activating remote workforces and supporting them with what they need to build their own success.

By removing the cubes and monotony of the traditional brick and mortar contact center, the Liveops model gives customer service and sales agents an increased sense of empowerment and spirit to help others—not because it’s their job, but because it is their true calling and an integrated part of their lives. This unique model allows Liveops to attract and retain agents who, on average, are more than twice as likely to be college educated and have three times as many years of work experience than your average brick-and-mortar contact center employee.

Silver 2019 Stevie Award Winner

CEO, Greg Hanover, won SILVER for Contact Center Leader of the Year

As CEO of Liveops, Greg Hanover not only oversees the corporate strategy but he is also an empowering champion for employees and agents. Each year Greg attends 100% of the many agent roadshows Liveops holds throughout the year across the country. The warm sentiment Greg brings to the room is palpable as is the mutual respect and admiration from his straight-shooter approach to questions and feedback.

Liveops CEO and winner of multiple Stevie Awards, Greg Hanover leads agents in discussion at Chicago luncheon in 2018
Greg discusses Liveops over coffee with agents at a Chicago, IL luncheon roadshow in July 2018.

This is Greg’s second year placing in the Contact Center Leader of the Year category and Greg’s recognition is rooted in his ability to lead and empower the agent population.

“Greg’s experience in the industry and his ability to build relationships gives him a unique perspective into the changing nature of the contact center space today and what customers are demanding from service providers,” says Bill Trenchard , co-founder and board member at Liveops. “He has deep roots in Liveops Nation, the agents who make this company great, and is a champion in helping them achieve success with this on-demand model.”

Read Greg’s recent post from Customer Service Appreciation Week 2018

Bronze 2019 Setvie Award Winner

The Liveops Nation Online Community won BRONZE for Award for Innovation in Customer Service

Liveops agents have always had a deeply-ingrained sense of community and a natural inclination to communicate and lean on one another for tips, advice, and encouragement. For years, we witnessed this phenomenon across social media, various internal communication channels, and live, in-person, at our agent conferences and roadshows throughout the year—some with more than 300 agents in attendance. In May 2018, Liveops launched Liveops Nation, an online community for our virtual agents to interact, learn, and grow to get the most out of their experiences.

Liveops Nation includes features that give Liveops agents:

  • Spaces for new agents to immediately get acquainted with other agents and start collaborating from day one
  • Forums to build regional connections through geo-based groups
  • Forums to network with other agents with similar interests through skills-based groups
  • Easily accessible Knowledge Base resources for getting started and continuing growth

Want to experience the magic for yourself? Visit the Liveops Nation community.

Why do the Stevie Awards matter to us?

Being a winner and in the company of many other great companies in the Stevie’s Winner’s Circle is a testament to the hard work of everyone that powers our mission at Liveops. The world of customer service and contact centers continues to evolve, and recognition like this from the Stevie Awards’ selection committee makes us all the more excited to be a part of that evolution.

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