[Guest Report] What do enterprises need to know about remote agents?

October 22, 2018 | Contact Center Industry | Blog


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CCW Digital releases a special report about remote agents

There’s no denying it. Contact centers across the country are feeling the pressure to compete for talent. With undeniable evidence supporting the notion that traditional contact centers are losing their luster as an attractive workplace option, brands stand to gain the most out of a new model: Remote agents.

For enterprises looking to add a remote agent population to their workforce, you don’t have to start from zero. Customer Contact Week (CCW) Digital, an outlet who provides customer success leaders with in-depth research and analysis to optimize their customer contact operations, has put together a special report that dives into the trends driving the remote agent movement and how to deploy a remote agent strategy to overcome the staffing challenges of a traditional contact center environment and workforce.

Why did CCW decide to cover remote agents?

Finding agents who want to report to a contact center is near impossible and not getting any easier. Retaining contact center teams is an even more challenging hurdle. Remote contact center talent offers a solution and represents unlocked potential in an industry that has been slow to shift hiring strategies.

The organizations who are adopting remote talent strategies have seen transformations in their ability to attract and retain an elite customer service workforce and, in turn, provide the best customer care. New BPO business models to support the remote agent model and the benefits it offers are emerging and allow companies to tap into talent far beyond that of the contact center radius of doom.

However, maximizing the success of a remote strategy means much more than just taking a brick and mortar employee and allowing them to work from home.

What information is in the remote agent report?

Any organization can implement a work from home policy, but it takes a tactical effort to be successful with a remote workforce. This report aims to provide the guidance needed to execute a fulfilling remote agent strategy that helps companies find and activate stronger, highly skilled agent workforces and improves customer connections.

The report includes insights from those who have been early to adopt the remote agent model. These expert panelists include Laurie Simpter (Senior Manager of Customer Relations at Pier 1), Cory Kreeck (VP of Organization Development at Beachbody), Kendal Jolly (Managing Director of Culture and Brand Awareness at Toll Brothers), and Liveops’ own Paul Leavens (VP of IT and Security) and Greg Hanover (CEO). All of these individuals and organizations are implementing a remote agent strategy. Pier 1, for example, currently has over 85% of their agents telecommuting from home.

Where can I find the Remote Agent Report?

Download CCW’s Remote Agent Report here today:

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Lindsey Clark

Lindsey Clark is the marketing programs manager at Liveops. Lindsey leads initiatives that bring together call center experts and innovators for thought leadership and partnership.

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