Liveops Unveils Skill Builder to Enable the Next Generation of Flexible Workforces

August 17, 2017 | Press Release

New Offering Equips Workforces with Ongoing Skill Development, Delivered as a Service

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — JULY 18, 2017 — Liveops, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand skilled workforces for customer service and sales, today announced the launch of Skill Builder, a customizable distance learning and development solution that enables enterprise organizations to develop highly skilled customer service agents. Liveops builds on its vision to tap into the higher-skilled gig economy by delivering learning solutions that equip flex and distributed workforces with essential skills development.

The enterprise service industry is at a crossroads. Key trends in technology and customer demand require businesses to evolve the way they deliver customer service voice work affordably and effectively, without sacrificing quality. The need for skilled workforces to address complex issues, especially when customer demand surges, has given rise to “gig economy organizations,” and enterprises can tap into these on-demand workforces anywhere and at any scale. As companies bring on these flexible workforces, it’s never been more challenging—or more important—to provide new skills development.

“Liveops has a reputation for having agents who are skilled on numerous channels and also leading e-learning and recruiting tools,” said Melissa O’Brien, Research Director, Digitally-Driven Front Office Services, HfS Research. “Its strong history with agents working from home has demonstrated a commitment to culture and developing training tools.”

Skills development for both employees and flex workforces needs to be accessible from anywhere, at any time, as opposed to the training offered to service agents in traditional contact centers today. With more than 17 years of experience in the virtual contact center space, Liveops understands these hurdles and is focused on providing companies with ongoing skill development to deliver exceptional customer service and sales support.

“In today’s customer-driven world, organizations must ensure workers are able to deliver on customer needs and expectations. When workforces don’t have ongoing access to proper skill development, their performance suffers and customer satisfaction drops,” said Keith Leimbach, CEO of Liveops. “Skill Builder helps our customers improve onboarding and skill development, making it easier to deliver much-needed instruction to learners, regardless of location.”

Based on Liveops experience in creating award-winning learning content, Skill Builder provides companies with:

  • A custom-made curriculum that is aligned with a company’s needs and mission, tailored to the appropriate delivery method, which can include eLearning, facilitator and student guides, videos, and more.
  • Tools to empower learners to meet performance goals, with contextual practice to retain content.
  • Access to a powerful platform so learners can complete skill building at their own pace.
  • Analytics to track ongoing learner performance and results.

At the beginning of each engagement, the Liveops Education team analyzes the business needs of each company to develop a customized curriculum. Liveops then creates the instructional content and works closely with the company to determine the best delivery method to present the curriculum to its workers.

Liveops hosts all Skill Builder content in the Liveops LMS (learning management system) or the company can host it on their own LMS. Liveops will also perform train-the-trainer sessions as well as update content to address changes based on customer needs.

Skill Builder is available today. Pricing varies based on design, hosting and maintenance costs.

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About Liveops

Liveops offers an on-demand skilled workforce of onshore virtual agents for customer service and sales. With no contact center overhead or wasted idle time, our pay-per-use model scales to meet seasonal or time of day spikes in demand. More than 400 organizations across service industries including retail, healthcare, insurance and telecom trust Liveops to deliver an enterprise-grade workforce, with faster program readiness, increased revenue, and greater customer satisfaction scores than traditional contact centers.

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