Liveops is driven to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

How we’re different, makes all the difference.

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We exist to improve the lives of our agents, customers and employees. Because of this we adhere to the following practices:

  • No Agent platform fees.
  • No Agent certification fees.
  • No Agent termination fees.
  • Agents aren’t forced to incorporate into an LLC.
  • Liveops has a direct 1:1 contractor relationship with Agents. Contractor Agents do not pay a percentage to a middleman.
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We have a team dedicated to improving the agent experience.

  • We’ve mapped every part of the Agent journey identifying and improving friction points.
  • One of our 2021 strategic objectives is improving agent retention.
  • Liveops is in constant communication with contractor agents, seeking feedback and measuring satisfaction.
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Liveops Nation is a thriving agent community.

  • This community allows independent agents to support each other, provide tips and tricks, build each other up and provide us with feedback.
  • We foster this community, encouraging engagement, run contests and networking.
  • We believe a happy, well-supported agent delivers a better experience to your end customer.

At Liveops we exist to improve people’s lives. We’re in it to elevate all, not to take advantage because we can.

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