The CX Technology Stack: 100 Tools for Optimizing Your Brand’s Customer Experience

January 25, 2019 | Customer Experience | Blog
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Want to improve your Net Promoter Score and optimize your customer experience? You’ve come to the right place.

We are dedicated to helping our customers better serve their customers—by building high-performing, trustworthy teams of professional agents. But while a virtual contact center is essential to any brand’s extraordinary customer service operation, it’s far from the only strategy or solution out there worth considering.

To help organizations navigate the big, wide world of CX technology, we’ve assembled a massive list of top products and tools for customer service, communication, behavior tracking, insights, and more. While a good number of the solutions we’ve included here are designed for enterprise organizations, we made sure to feature many resources companies of any size can use to nurture and grow their audiences.

Scroll down to read through the entire list, or jump to a specific category by clicking one of these section headers:


Communication and Marketing

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark CX Tool

Create “explainer” videos—no professional design background required—to reduce call and email volume while providing a more dynamic and engaging customer experience.

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Brightspot CX Tool

Take your marketing content to the next level with an all-in-one digital publishing and brand storytelling platform.

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Brite CX Tool

Make sure your campaigns only reach real people by removing unverified emails from your lists.

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Bronto CX Tool

Automate your retail marketing campaigns with Oracle’s email creation tool—integrated with virtually all eCommerce platforms.

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Buffer logo

Schedule and syndicate social media posts for multiple platforms and accounts in advance with just a few clicks.

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cision logo

Improve your PR outreach through press distribution and tools such as the Influencer Graph, which shows the relationships between your consumers and the people and content they care about reading.

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Get to know your customers by creating a community for them, inviting them to participate, and engaging with them online.

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Make sure your customers receive the right messages at the right time with an automated, round-the-clock messaging system.

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Edgar CX tool

Save hours every week by using a smart platform to schedule and write social media posts for you.

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Hubspot logo

Exceed every marketing goal and succeed across channels with a full suite of apps and resources. HubSpot is a great tool for small to medium size businesses to handle marketing, sales, and customer service all from one place.

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Mailchimp logo

Easily build and send campaigns that engage and convert your readers into customers.

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Nickelled CX Tool

Create guides and walkthroughs to show off your products, train your customers, answer frequently asked questions, and more.

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PathFinder CX Tool

Tailor your content to every customer and optimize each individual’s journey with your brand.

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Podium CX Tool

Communicate with your customers and solicit direct feedback with an intuitive messaging app.

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Rafflecopter CX Tool

Grow and engage your customer base with giveaways you can launch in minutes.

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Salesforce logo

Manage all your sales and customer interactions in one, powerful CRM.

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Socil IQ CX Tool

Stay on top of your social media presence for all of your brand’s locations from a single, comprehensive dashboard.

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twilio logo

Scale your marketing and CX initiatives with code that empowers you to communicate with your customers—through voice, text, video, and more—on the apps they already use.

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youtube logo

Reach billions of people by creating and uploading tutorials, vlogs, reviews, and other content to the world’s most popular video sharing site.

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zoho logo

Run your marketing department—or your entire business—with a full suite of cloud CRM and administrative software.

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Customer Service and Support


Drift CX Tool

Engage with your customers in the moment with a conversational marketing platform that connects website visitors directly to you.

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elevio CX tool

Provide fast, contextual support to customers from within your products, rather than a separate site or channel.

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helpsumo logo

Implement a complete help desk for your customers with a ticket system, live chat, email and social media support, and more.

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Recursive CX Tool

Guide and collaborate with your customers in—what else?—real-time with Recursive Labs’ omnichannel co-browsing solution.

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serenova logo

Save time and money and provide a consistent experience for your audience moving your customer service and support operations to the cloud.

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Toonimo logo

Make self-service as easy as possible for your customers with personalized, interactive guidance.

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Userlike CX Tool

Replicate the one-on-one, in-store customer experience with best-in-class live chat software.

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Sendesk CX Tool

Improve efficiency and satisfaction by giving your customer support team the ability to connect with customers across channels.

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Customer Engagement and Retention


Bloomreach logo

Build, customize, and drive traffic to digital experiences that wow your customers.

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blueshift logo

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to understand, connect with, and convert your omnichannel customers.

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Chameleon CX Tool

Take potential customers on personalized tours of your products and services.

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Chirpify CX Tool

Grow customer engagement and loyalty on social media—without time-consuming, manual community management.

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Fivestar Cx Tool

Increase your profiles in your local communities and drive more customers to your stores.

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gaininslight logo

Take total control of your retention and customer success initiatives throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Instapage CX Tool

Maximize the conversion rates of your digital advertising with a comprehensive ad and landing page creation platform.

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Intercom CX Tool

Take advantage of bots, targeted emails, and help desk functionality to keep your customers satisfied.

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Kiltery Logo

Promptly address and manage issues that might otherwise affect retention and hurt customer relationships.

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mobivity logo

Capture data about your customers’ experiences in your brick-and-mortar locations to foster frequency and loyalty.

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monetate CX Tool

Individualize every single customer’s experience with a leading optimization and personalization platform.

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natero cx tool

Reduce churn and cultivate audience growth with in-depth, data-backed insights into your customers.

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Qualtrics CX Tool

See “the big picture” of your brand’s customer experience with an enterprise-level CX and NPS optimization toolset.

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Tapmango CX Tool

Never miss an opportunity to improve customer loyalty with a feature-rich loyalty program platform.

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Totango CX Tool

Use the power and size of the enterprise to improve—rather than hamper—customer satisfaction and retention.

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CX Design


Brainstorm and lay out customer journeys with this free, no-frills canvas-making tool.

Canvaizer CX Tool

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CFN Insight


Go deeper into customer journey mapping with software that not only identifies touchpoints but assigns individuals to be accountable for managing and improving metrics associated with each touchpoint.

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crazyegg logo

Run heatmaps and A/B tests to see who’s visiting your site, what they’re doing, and how you can improve their experiences.

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germ CX Tool

Give your ideas context, create to-dos, and never waste a brainstorming session again.

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Gliffy CX Tool

Diagram, share and communicate your ideas with eye-catching visuals.

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HotJar CX Tool

Explore your customers’ online behavior in a highly visual and intuitive manner.

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invision logo

Work together on ideas, create user experience prototypes, and collect feedback with an end-to-end design platform.

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Microsoft Visio

Visio CX Tool

Create CX flowcharts and diagrams that update in conjunction with real-time data.

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OmniGraffle CX Tool

Design diagrams and other graphics with powerful, flexible tools built for precise details.

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Smaply CX Tool

Visualize customer journeys, personas, and stakeholders all in one place.

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Uprnk CX Tool

Create a killer marketing strategy with a comprehensive dashboard offering insights into CX, SEO, site architecture, and more.

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Wirify and Naview by Volkside

Volkside CX Tool

Expand your CX knowledge and toolbelt with tools that turn any website into wireframes and allow to create and test your own navigation prototypes.

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Xmind CX Tool

Use mind-mapping software to develop and clarify CX and other user design ideas.

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Behavior Metrics, Insights, and Testing


Alliant logo

Explore the valuable data generated by every customer interaction.

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Amplitude CX Tool

Keep your business growing and your customers satisfied with robust product analytics.

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Apteligent CX Tool

Capture, analyze, and leverage data about your customers’ behavior in your app.

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Clearbit CX Tool

Target the right customers and prospects with advanced behavioral data and insights.

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CloudCherry CX Tool

Harness real-time user feedback and predictive analytics to reveal and optimize the customer journey from start to finish.

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Exponea Logo

Exponea offers data management and analytics, allowing marketers to turn insights into actionable campaigns, all within a single integrated solution.

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Gemius Prism

Gemius Prism CX Tool

Examine visitor behavior and segment users to attract and engage with the customers who matter most to your brand.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics logo

Make better CX and communication decisions with the digital analytics standard—a solution that has remained popular for its thorough and accessible dashboard.

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Improverly CX Tool

Maximize customer engagement with your marketing and advertising campaigns while minimizing click fraud.

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indicative CX Tool

Collect and analyze billions of customer journey metrics by looking at the human side of the numbers—no data science degree required.

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inspectlet CX Tool

Record user sessions on your site and see a play-by-play video of the digital customer journey.

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Intouch Insight

intouch insight logo

Gather and act on a wealth of customer data with CX management software, customer satisfaction surveys, event data solutions, and more.

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jebbit CX Tool

Find out who your customers are—by asking them directly. Through Jebbit, customers provide “declared data” about their preferences and interests.

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Dive into user data to analyze, segment, and engage your customers.

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kochava CX Tool

Gain access to a full set of analytics, planning, customer targeting, and optimization tools.

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Lucky Orange CX Tool

Discover why your prospects are or aren’t converting, by tracking their actions on your site.

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Lytics CX Tool

See and interpret your customers’ valuable data and engagement scores in a dashboard that eschews unnecessary noise and complexity.

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Maxymiser (by Oracle)

Maxymister CX Tool

Convert more often and more consistently with the user personalization and CX testing tools hosted in the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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mixpanel CX Tool

Conduct detailed analyses into customer interactions with your brand, products, and experiences.

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optimsely logo

Embrace your inner scientists and run advanced experiments into your messaging, marketing, and product engineering efforts.

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satmetrix CX Tool

Turn your customer satisfaction and NPS numbers around with a solution that “combines direct feedback, indirect feedback, and operational metrics to reveal a complete picture.”

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usersignal logo

Understand your customers’ experience on a deeper level as you track and react to user activity as it occurs.

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Userzoom CX Tool

Discover qualitative and quantitative insights into your customers with a research platform built for the enerprise.

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UX360 CX Tool

Start improving your CX today with customer journey mapping software you can populate with live data and share across your organization.

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Customer Feedback, Conversation, and Response Analysis


Ask Nicely CX Tool

Turn customer feedback collection into a daily, automatic practice at your organization.

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clara bridge CX Tool

Manage and make use of multichannel customer feedback the way leading brands like T-Mobile, GE and United do.

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CustomerGuage logo

Designed for B2B enterprise organizations, CustomerGuage’s NPS and retention software “enables you to directly tie every last $ to your NPS.”

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Delighted CX TOol

Collect feedback and NPS results easily and painlessly through single-question surveys sent to recipients via text, email, or website link.

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envision logo

Give your agents the data-driven tools and support they need to provide better customer experiences.

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hoopla CX Tool

Use an enterprise SaaS solution to create and manage a branded site for your customer community.

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Check the pulse of your audience and brand advocates with a cloud-based, enterprise-grade customer experience management platform.

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CX Tool

Master the Net Promoter System with a complete customer engagement, measurement, response and analysis tool.

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Discover CX best practices, see what your customer audience is saying, and even pose questions about your brand to the Quora community.

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Ramen CX Tool

Ask your customers for feedback where and when they’re most receptive to it: while visiting your website or app.

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Reputation CX TOol

From business listings to social media conversations, take charge of your brand’s story everywhere your customers are discussing it.

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Reputology CX Tool

Save time and respond to customers without delay by managing all reviews of your business in one location.

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Retently CX Tool

Capture NPS results with a survey platform that allows for segmentation, customizable templates, transactional campaigns, and more.

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SurveyMonkey CX

Sruvey Monkey CX Tool

Collect and act on customer feedback with a turn-key NPS platform built by one of the most extensive survey providers in the world.

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thematic CX Tool

Leverage AI to uncover hidden patterns in customer feedback and gain an inside edge in the CSAT race.

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Agent Support


Basecamp logo

Keep your team humming along and working on the same page with all-inclusive collaboration and communication tools.

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Share documents, images, videos, and other media of all sizes in an easy-to-use yet powerful file-sharing solution.

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Google Drive


Create, store, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and more with Google’s ubiquitous suite of everyday office tools.

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Slack CX Tool

Send fewer emails to your team, keep track of all workplace communication in one location, and make work messaging a little more fun in the process.

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Trello CX Tool

Use simple drag-and-drop cards to quickly manage and stay on top of your team’s projects, initiatives, and ideas.

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zoom logo

Host audio and video meetings from anywhere, with support for hundreds of attendees.

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Did we miss your favorite CX tools?

If, after looking through our list, you realized we didn’t include your most useful solution or solutions for creating a stellar customer experience, please share them in the comments below!

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