Are you empathetic? Consider working at home as a roadside assistance agent.

April 12, 2018 | Customer Experience | Blog
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By Theresa McConkey, Senior Manager, Community Operations

Have you ever had a flat tire, been stranded in the road and needed to call for roadside assistance? I’m sure you felt relief as a roadside agent took your call and got a tow truck driver to assist you. If you can use that experience to put yourself in someone’s place when they have car troubles and are stranded, you might have the empathy and compassion that make a great roadside assistance agent.

What does it mean to be on the “front lines” as a roadside assistance agent?

As a roadside assistance agent, you are the first person that the caller speaks to after they experience car issues. This makes your role a very important one. Roadside assistance calls are about getting stranded motorists back on the road in a timely manner.

Typical calls can be someone locking their keys in their car, a dead battery, or a car breaking down on a busy highway. The caller wants to speak with someone who can empathize with their stressful situation, accurately find their location, and get a tow truck to them so they can get on with their day.

Susan is a roadside assistance agent

Roadside assistance agents care about people and accuracy

Empathy is important to comfort and calm a nervous motorist, but attention to detail in documenting their correct location is just as important.

Taking a caller’s information might seem simple, but each field on the form has an impact on the customer later in the process. There is a big difference between putting Springfield, MA vs Springfield, IL on a form. The wrong location can cause hours of delays.

Think of how you would want a family member to be treated after being stuck on the road. You would want the roadside assistance agent to show genuine concern and map the correct location. That’s the type of agent our roadside assistance clients is looking for.

Liveops helps independent roadside assistance agents succeed

If you are invited to contract to provide services for the roadside assistance program you can expect a thoughtful, well-organized certification process that helps you hone your skills and experience to deliver the best service experience.

Roadside assistance agents at Liveops have a dedicated team devoted to helping them prepare to take calls. After certification, each agent has access to ongoing support from a member of our support team whose priority is to help you through these calls. Agents tell us that this added support has been very helpful to their success.

Through virtual courses and live sessions, you will learn more about answering roadside assistance calls, documenting locations and dispatching tow trucks. You will build on your knowledge of the customer experience and how empathy, building rapport, and maintaining the customer relationship are can help you restore a stranded motorist back to a normal day.

Are you compassionate, empathetic and detailed oriented? Then you might be good fit as a roadside assistance agent.

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Theresa McConkey

Theresa McConkey is a Senior Manager with Community Operations focusing on Roadside Assistance. She is passionate about call quality and making sure agents have the proper resources to help their callers especially stranded motorists.