Dinosaurs to downloads: Who’s ready for a contact center (r)evolution?

November 9, 2017 | Contact Center Industry | Blog
Dinosaur landscape

Hello friends. We’ve got an announcement here at Liveops that I’m excited to share. But before we go there, take a trip with me through time. All the way back to 2008: Retail DNA tests were just being invented. Mario Kart Wii was the most popular video game. The Chicago Cubs were celebrating 100 years of championship-less baseball.  

Now imagine you’re wrapping up dinner at a restaurant. A text message from a friend shows up: “meet us at the coffee shop for a nightcap!”.  You call a cab… and then cross your fingers. When will it be here?  Will it ever be here? What happens if someone else grabs it?  

You cultivate a happy customer base, deploy a contact center…and cross your fingers. Who’s taking the calls? How much is it costing you in idle time when calls aren’t coming in—or worse, in bad customer experience when too many calls come in?

That wasn’t fun in 2008! And yet, this experience is not unlike many customer service experiences taking place today. You cultivate a happy and loyal customer base, deploy a brick and mortar contact center…and then cross your fingers. Who’s taking the calls? What kind of training did they receive? How much is it costing you in idle time when calls aren’t coming in—or worse, in bad customer experience when too many calls come in?

There’s a better way—and it starts with a higher caliber of call agent. We’re excited to announce a new campaign here at Liveops. We’re calling it Jurassic Call Center.  

Why “Jurassic Call Center”?  One of Liveops’ goals is to help companies evolve: out of the prehistoric age of unmotivated contact center employees, inflexible FTE-based staffing, and paying for idle agent timeand into the modern age of well-trained, motivated agents who have backgrounds in your industry, flexible staffing models to scale up during bursts or down during idle times, and only paying for the minutes that you use. The Jurassic Call Center page is your hub for information and resources on how you can evolve your customer servicefrom prehistoric to progressive.  

The modern contact center isn’t a contact center at all; it’s an on-demand, home-based workforce with industry expertise to meet your needs. Uber came along in 2009 and asked, “Why? Why should folks be in the dark on taxi arrivals?” At Liveops, we’re asking the same thing about contact center services. Why should customers be in the dark regarding their contact centers? Click over to our Jurassic Call Center page and learn how you can drive a better customer experience through a higher caliber agent and a flexible services model.


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Matt Radochonski

Matt is Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations for Liveops. He specializes in developing marketing systems for high-growth companies and connecting to customer service and call center executives. He’s based out of Liveops’ Portland, OR office, and has a life goal of spending as much time outside as possible.